Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your frequently asked questions.

If you need any further help or information, need to get approval for treatment, or for any other reason, please contact our Customer Care Team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For Spanish domestic members you can find related FAQs, claims and complaint information here.

Cigna Global Health Options offers: Worldwide including USA, Worldwide excluding USA, we now have Close Care plan, which only covers locally and country of nationality. USA nationals have the option of just local or can pay extra for USA.

 If you choose Worldwide including USA you can receive treatment anywhere in the world. If you choose Worldwide excluding USA, you can receive treatment anywhere except in the USA. In the USA, if prior approval is obtained, but the beneficiary decides to receive treatment at a hospital, medical practitioner or clinic which is not part of the Cigna network, we will reduce any amount which we will pay by 20%. A list of Cigna network hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners is available in your secure online Customer Area or you can contact our Customer Care Team for more information. We realise that there may be occasions when it is not reasonably possible for treatment to be provided by a Cigna network hospital, medical practitioner or clinic. In these cases, we will not apply any reduction to the payments we will make.

When you need treatment, call our Customer Care Team. We can help you arrange your treatment plan, and point you in the right direction, saving you the time and hassle of looking for a hospital, clinic or medical practitioner yourself. We appreciate that there will be times when it will not be practical or possible for a beneficiary to contact us for prior approval (for example, emergencies, or when a family member is suddenly sick and the priority is to get treatment for them as soon as possible). In circumstances like these, we ask that you or the affected beneficiary get in touch with us 48 hours after treatment has been sought, so that we can confirm whether treatment is covered and arrange settlement with your provider.

Log into the online Customer Area and you can search our directory of hospitals, clinics and doctors. Simply type in your zip code, specify the distance you are willing to travel and it will list the medical experts within your area. Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team. Please remember to take your Cigna ID card with you when you go for treatment and ask your hospital, medical practitioner or clinic about direct billing if this has not already been confirmed. Where possible, we will arrange to pay the hospital, clinic or doctor you wish to see directly.

For Spanish domestic members visit your member area for more details.

If you need to speak to us about your treatment plan, contact our Customer Care Team who can direct your call to a Cigna healthcare professional. Email:

Telephone +44 (0) 1475 788182 or 800 835 7677 from inside the USA.

Inside Hong Kong: 2297 5210

Inside Singapore: 800 186 5047

If you are a Spanish domestic member you can view the correct contact details here.

As a Cigna customer you have access to a wealth of information wherever you are in the world through your secure online Customer Area. Here you will be able to effectively manage your policy including:

> View your policy documents, including your Certificate of Insurance and Cigna ID cards for all the people covered under your plan
> Check the Policy Rules that apply to your policy
> Check your coverage for you and your family
> Submit claims online
> Search for healthcare facilities and professionals near your location
> Country guides highlighting security and cultural information for many destinations around the globe
> View our quarterly customer magazine
> Download the Safe Travel app (Platinum and Gold plan customers only)

Where possible we will arrange to pay your hospital, clinic or doctor directly. However, if you have chosen a deductible and/or cost share, you must pay this amount yourself.

If you’ve paid for your treatment yourself, you can send your invoice and claim form to us using any of the following methods. For Spanish domestic members please find further details on how to claim here.

Please clearly state your policy number on all documentation:

Online Customer Area

Fax: +44 (0) 1475 492 113 Inside the USA: 855 358 6457


Treatment incurred outside the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore
Cigna Global Health Options
Customer Service
1 Knowe Road
Scotland PA15 4RJ


Treatment incurred in the USA
Cigna International
PO Box 15964
Delaware 19850


Treatment incurred in Hong Kong
Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Company Ltd
Cigna Global Health Options
Customer Service
15/F, 28 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong


Treatment incurred in Singapore
Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V.
Singapore Branch
Cigna Global Health Options
152 Beach Road
#26-05 The Gateway East
Singapore 189721

We aim to process your claim within 5 working days after receiving all necessary documentation.

We aim to reimburse you within five working days of receiving your fully completed paperwork, and can pay you in the currency of your choice (you can choose to be reimbursed in more than 135 currencies).

When you create your tailored plan, you have the option of adding deductibles. If, for example, you choose a deductible of $250, you'll need to pay the first $250 of a covered claim or covered claims in any period of cover directly to your hospital, clinic or doctor at the time of treatment. So if your treatment costs are $500, you'll need to pay $250, and we'll pay the remaining $250 of covered costs. If a deductible is chosen, you would only have to pay this once during any period of cover irrespective of the number of claims.

Cost share is the percentage of every claim you will pay. Out of pocket maximum is the maximum amount you would have to pay in cost share per policy year. For example :

>You have a claim value of $20,000. You have a $500 deductible on your policy. You have a 20% cost share with a $2,000 out of pocket maximum. We would pay $17,500

How this is calculated:

>After you paid your deductible of $500, your cost share is 20% of $19,500 ($3,900). This is more than your out of pocket maximum, so you would only pay $2,000 out of pocket maximum for the cost share (and the $500 deductible you paid at the outset) and we cover the remaining $17,500.

If you've sought advice or experienced symptoms before the start date of your plan - whether you have been diagnosed or not - we may decide to add special exclusions to your plan. So it's important that you complete the medical questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying.

Our International Medical Insurance provides cover for core benefits, such as emergency dental cover in the event of an accident that requires you to have treatment in a hospital. If you want more cover, choose our International Vision and Dental option and enjoy access to a wide variety of preventative, routine, major and orthodontic treatments.

Yes you are. Inpatient treatment is included as standard within our core International Medical Insurance. It covers you for treatment received as an inpatient when staying overnight in hospital, or when receiving treatment at hospital as a day case.

International Medical Insurance covers you for selected outpatient costs such as treatment room fees, surgeon and anaesthetic costs, advanced imaging, cancer and mental health care.

However, the International Outpatient module covers you more comprehensively for outpatient care and medical emergencies that may arise where a hospital admission as a daypatient or inpatient is not required. As well as this, consultations with specialists and medical practitioners, prescribed outpatient drugs and dressings, pre-natal and post-natal outpatient care, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and much more.

No it doesn't. Your Cigna ID card is purely a means of identifying you and has no payment capabilities. When you need treatment, call out Customer Care Team. We will arrange to pay your hospital, clinic or doctor directly wherever possible

If you have any questions regarding your payment, our Customer Care Team will be happy to help. The below provides various ways to reach our team.

For Spanish domestic members please view customer contact details here.

You can reach them by:
Call: +44 (0) 1475 788 182
Fax: +44 (0) 1475 492 113

Inside the USA:
Call: 800 835 7677. Fax: 855 358 6457

Inside Hong Kong:
Call: 2297 5210

Inside Singapore: 800 186 5047

Cigna Global Health Options aims to resolve all complaints fairly, consistently and promptly. If you have a complaint about the products or services provided by Cigna Global Health Options please let us know in the first instance by contacting us using one of the below methods.

If you're a Spanish domestic member you can find out more about your complaints process here.

In Writing: 
Cigna Global Health Options
Customer Care Team 
1 Knowe Road
PA15 4RJ

By Telephone:
+44(0)1475 788182
From the USA: 800 8357677
From Hong Kong: 2297 5210
From Singapore: 800 186 5047

By Email:

European Union Online Dispute Resolution (EU ODR) 
If you are resident in the EU and you have purchased a Cigna Global Health Options product online, you may also be able to use the EU ODR website  to help you access the services of an out of court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies.  

Cigna Global Health Options has agreed to use the services of the following EU ADR bodies. 

Ombudsman Des Assurances (Belgium)

Financial Ombudsman Service (United Kingdom)