Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
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International health insurance plans for NGOs

As an NGO, you may have to send employees to remote locations or conflict zones. Not to worry, Cigna is here to provide you and your members with complete peace of mind.

A dedicated team focused on you and your members

Cigna’s extensive experience in supporting NGOs and their staff members means we understand the challenges you may face. This is why our dedicated NGO Health team is so important. It provides vital support to you and your staff members through crisis situations and also during illness or injury – globally and locally.

Having expert support 24/7 and in over 50 languages, ensures you and your staff members can focus on the job at hand. What’s more, Cigna`s network of doctors and hospitals is built around our clients’ locations in both developed and remote regions.

It’s not just about support should something happen, Cigna also helps you to be proactive in empowering staff members to take care of their own health and wellbeing. You will have access to a suite of tools designed to optimise your staff members’ whole health, meaning you can help your people stay fit and healthy for the work ahead.

Health Insurance Products and Services for NGOs


CoverNGO Global Plans

A fully integrated healthcare solution to cover every eventuality, for both short-term or long-term assignments. Designed to give complete peace of mind for staff members and their families.

CoverNGO Regional Plans

Specifically designed for key local and third-country national (TCN) staff members, these innovative and sustainable insurance solutions ensure every bespoke need is met.
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Tailored NGO Health Plans

Offering the flexibility to add optional benefits to comprehensive cover, Cigna’s tailored solutions allow you to build a plan that meets your unique and specific needs as an organisation.

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