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Additional Services

Additional Services

Cigna is with you 24/7, 365 days a year with our suite of additional services, from apps to monitor your health and help keep you safe overseas to telehealth services and support from our doctors and nurses.

Our additional services


Cigna Wellbeing™ App

Easily access a suite of healthcare tools through the Cigna Wellbeing™ App to help manage your health, change behaviours and access care.

Global Telehealth

Gain access to doctor help and advice without leaving your home or workplace, with Cigna’s 24/7 Global Telehealth. Avoid visits to the doctors and speak to a medical expert in your own language at your convenience.

Clinical Case Management

Led by our team of dedicated doctors and nurses, this programme will provide support if you are diagnosed with serious or complex health conditions to bring you the full medical support you deserve.

The Safe Travel App

Receive real-time alerts, global travel advice, news on breaking incidents and keep your documents secure, with our safe travel app that’s been developed by leading travel security experts.

Make the most of your Cigna plan

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