About Cigna Healthcare Europe

Who we are

Cigna Europe is part of Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), a global health service company with roots in the US, serving more than 180 million customers and patients throughout the world.

What we do

We deliver quality health care through choice, predictability, affordability and through integrated capabilities and connected, personalised solutions that advance whole person health.

We have more than 60 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing international group health insurance and employee benefits programs for domestic and internationally recruited employees from European corporations, International Organisations (IGO & NGO) and governments. We also provide health services for globally mobile individuals.

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Our vision

At Cigna, we understand that achieving or maintaining health goals has never been more important. Staying healthy can be hard work especially when we’re faced with health concerns like chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes, and behavioural issues like stress and lack of exercise and sleep.

Access to care, getting healthy and staying healthy is easier with the support of a trusted partner. Our vision is to be the whole health partner of choice to the people we serve throughout their lives. With our whole health approach, we’re focused on addressing health concerns, improving resilience, reducing stress levels and emotional health issues. We are committed to creating better futures for our customers and clients and to help them achieve or maintain their physical, mental, financial or social health goals.

Our affordable solutions and focus on innovation enable us to meet the dynamic needs of our customers, clients, intermediaries and communities and empower them to proactively own and manage their health.


Why choose Cigna

People first

With customer service teams across the globe, each with their own in-depth local market knowledge, we’re able to adapt quickly and support our customers whatever their needs. Whether it’s in response to a global health crisis or as a result of their personal health requirements, we’re there for our people, in good times and bad.

Whole health and affordability focus

We provide a whole health service platform with a personalised, predictable and simple customer experience that drives affordability of medical plans. We combine customised products, services and resources into one intuitive offering; seamlessly integrating online and offline health experiences.

Driven by purpose

By enabling more choice and flexibility for improved customer experience, we’re able to create healthier futures for our clients and customers. We partner with them to help them look after their whole health.

Global and local networks

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and easy access to quality healthcare, wherever they are in the world. As part of a global organisation, we have access to a unique database of healthcare providers in 192 countries, and operation teams across all time zones.

We’re here to support our customers

  • Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the daily challenges faced by international organisations, employers and their local or globally mobile staff members.
  • We keep it easy and simple for our customers, ensuring they receive the right support when they are sick and to live healthy lives.
  • Employers can offer their employees access to our wide network of health care services.