International Health Insurance for Families Moving Abroad

Moving your family abroad can be intimidating, but learning about medical options such as family health insurance early on can help you settle successfully.

  • Comprehensive Family coverage, wherever you go
  • Paediatric coverage for well-child visits & immunizations
  • Access to dental and orthodontic care
  • 24/7 multilingual Customer Service

The lucrative prospect of higher salaries abroad can tempt some working professionals to move their families overseas.

Get access to a great standard of care for you and your family with Cigna Healthcare. You can comfortably work anywhere in the world and still get the best healthcare through our comprehensive private family health insurance. We navigate all the different healthcare systems across the globe so that you don’t have to.

What is international health insurance for families?

It’s a comprehensive insurance cover that gives you and your family access to private healthcare services when living, studying or working abroad.

Our international family health insurance is designed to suit the requirements of a family abroad, whether that be day-to-day coverage or emergency care. You’ll have the choice of treatment facility, the doctor you want to see, and the emergency and routine healthcare options you’re looking for.

Getting family health insurance is the first step to securing you and your family’s health and wellbeing abroad.


The benefits of protecting your family when you live abroad

We understand that every family is different. That’s why we offer flexible, family-friendly benefits such as:

Maternity and newborn care

Get detailed cover for maternity inpatient and outpatient care for you and your baby for the first 90 days. 

Child and adolescence wellbeing

Routine health checks and evaluations for children, including assessments for Autism and ADHD. 


Cover for infertility investigation and treatment (Platinum plan). 

Pandemic assistance

Cover for treatment resulting from pandemic, epidemic and outbreaks of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

What’s the difference between private family health insurance and travel insurance?

The main difference between family health insurance and travel insurance is that the former gives you long-term medical coverage for you and your family abroad. The latter gives you short-term coverage - ideal for holidays or vacations.

What’s the difference between private family health insurance and travel insurance?

Is international family health insurance necessary?

It can be a legal requirement in some countries for foreigners and expats to have international health insurance for their family.

In countries where it’s not a legal requirement, having family health insurance gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will receive the best treatment available.

Choosing your international health insurance

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Choose from two core plans:

Cigna Global Health Options

  • High quality worldwide care, with two areas to choose from (Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US).

  • Customizable with three levels to choose from, four optional add-ons and flexible payment options.

  • Comprehensive cover for inpatient, daypatient and emergency cover, mental health care, pandemic cover and cancer care.

Cigna Close Care

  • Our plan which covers you in the country you’re living in and your home country for return visits.

  • Emergency medical coverage outside of those two areas for temporary trips also included.

  • Cigna Close Care is flexible and cost-effective, so you can tailor it to suit your needs and budget.

Why choose Cigna Healthcare for international family insurance?

With Cigna Healthcare, you’ll get comprehensive family health insurance wherever you are with added benefits such as:

      • Overcoming language barriers - We provide local expertise to ensure you communicate effectively with healthcare professionals in the region.
      • Avoiding long wait times - Beat the line and get access to quality private healthcare for you and your family without wasting precious time.
      • Providing 24-hour assistance - Access to a 24-hour-helpline to get you in touch with the very best hospitals and care facilities.
      • Optional add-ons - Get add-ons such as global crisis assistance to evacuate your family in case of political instability, dental, chiropractic care, osteopathy, among other added treatment options.
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Cigna Healthcare provides access to over 1.5 million healthcare professionals in over 200+ markets. So, chances are high we could provide medical coverage for you to the nearest medical facility even if you’re working in a remote area.

Yes, Cigna Healthcare provides international health insurance options for retired people. Check out our retirees page for more information on how to get health insurance as a retiree.

Some premiums and expenses are deductible from your annual tax bill. Whether this is the case will depend on a range of personal factors, such as your home nation and the rules around taxation there, your income and your age.