International Health Insurance in Kuwait

The compact Middle Eastern nation of Kuwait draws expats from across the globe, with a prosperous and fast-growing economy, warm weather and high living standards. Indeed, over two thirds of the population of this desert nation are foreign nationals.

With so many non-native individuals making their home here, you’ll be in good company if you decide to move to Kuwait for work or business. However, as a non-citizen, you won’t be able to access the state-funded healthcare. This makes having health insurance in Kuwait a necessary part of your planned life here.
With expat medical insurance, you’ll be safeguarded against any unforeseen expenses or high bills should you need to access healthcare while you’re here. Backed by the knowledge your future is protected, you’ll be free to make the most of your new life in this exciting nation.

How does the healthcare system work in Kuwait?

Kuwait has an extensive public healthcare system paid for via taxation. State-funded healthcare is available to all Kuwaiti passport holders. For non-citizens, there is a publicly available insurance scheme that helps with the costs of using the same service.

Private healthcare operators, hospitals and insurance companies all operate in the Middle Eastern nation, giving expats and business travellers additional options if they can’t access the local system.


Pros and cons of using Kuwait's local healthcare system


  • Access to specialist hospitals, mental health services and 24-hour care is all free at the point of use for locals, or reduced in price for non-citizens.


  • Expats are discouraged from using the public system in some cases and may find longer queues and extended wait times as hospitals prioritise Kuwaiti nationals.
  • Use of the public system requires expats register with a local insurance scheme to enable access at a reduced cost.
  • The state scheme cannot be used at private care facilitates. So, if you’re an expat wanting to access a private hospital, you’ll need full insurance.
  • Ambulances are rare and reserved for absolute emergencies. In most cases, you’ll be required to make your own way to hospital.

The difference between public and private healthcare in Kuwait

Public Private
Expats actively discouraged from using the public system. Available to expats.
Expats will face extended wait times, use restrictions and unavailable services. Range of services and good standards of care.


How can international health insurance help you in Kuwait?

Medical insurance is an essential component of expat life in Kuwait. With the way healthcare access works for foreign nationals here, it’s important that you protect your health with a comprehensive insurance package. Doing so will open access to private hospitals, faster service and lower wait times.

Choosing your international health insurance

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Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in Kuwait?

We can help you choose an international health insurance plan that fits your lifestyle. With a range of options available, our insurance package will have you all set for expatriate life.

  • Access the healthcare you need without the restrictions placed on expats.
  • Navigate the national system with the help of local experts and multilingual staff.
  • Priority support and treatment from leading national and regional medical staff.
  • 24/7 access to our Customer Care Team, wherever you are.

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Kuwait’s hot climate can present a problem for some expats, especially if you aren’t used to particularly high temperatures in your home nation. Sunburn, heat rash and heatstroke can all be a concern for those not used to the desert heat.

Yes, you can use public medical services using your private cover. However, the reverse is not true. If you pay into the national public scheme, you will not be able to access private facilities.

The price of your medical insurance will differ depending on your personal circumstances and requirements. Your health needs, pre-existing conditions, age and employment will all affect the final price of your package. You can also add a range of extras and additional coverage with Cigna Healthcare, which will alter the total price.