International Health Insurance in Chile

Access one of South America’s best healthcare systems with private health insurance in Chile.

Lying in the heart of the Andes, the magical nation of Chile offers expats stunning environments, a fast-growing economy and one of the continent’s highest life expectancies.

Almost a quarter of Chileans expand their healthcare options with private cover. Combined with the country’s comprehensive national healthcare system, private cover ensures you’re able to access quality medical care wherever you are.

Support your new life in South America with health insurance for expats in Chile.

How does the healthcare system work in Chile?

Chile has a public healthcare system supported by salary deductions. Alongside this is a national private system that you can opt into if you wish.

The Fondo Nacional de Salud (FONASA) is the public system and the ISAPRE is the private one. The public system is paid for through salary deductions. These are usually around 7% of your monthly income. The system helps with the costs of hospital visits, medical treatments, scans, and imagery.

The private Instituciones de Salud Previsional (ISAPRE) offer an even higher standard of healthcare but does come at a premium price. As an expat, you’ll need to be a legal, tax-paying resident to qualify for the system. So, choosing private third-party cover can provide you with medical care if you’re waiting to access this.

Opting for private healthcare through a third-party can give you access to multilingual staff and shorter wait times than the national systems. Plus, you can find quality care wherever you are in Chile. It can sometimes be difficult to access public facilities in remote mountainous areas.


Pros and cons of using Chile's healthcare system


  • High standard of care.
  • Affordable.
  • Well-run system.


  • Healthcare in remote areas is not on the same level as that found in the cities.
  • Only accessible to legal residents and tax-paying expats.
  • Long wait times for both government-led public and private systems.

What’s the difference between public and private care in Chile?

Public Private
Support for impoverished people to get access to healthcare More for specialised services
State-run Accessible to expats without residency
Focuses more on primary healthcare Run by private enterprises


How can international health insurance help you in Chile?

Getting health insurance in Chile is key for foreigners wanting to move there. It’s tricky navigating the bureaucracy of getting set up in a country where you may not know the language or how the system operates.

Private cover guarantees your financial future while you await legal residency or provides protection if your stay is a temporary one. Cigna Healthcare insurance can help you access multilingual doctors across Chile. You’ll be guaranteed you’re seen by quality healthcare providers quicker than most of the national system.

Plus, our cover provides deeper, more varied access to treatments and options than the national system.

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Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in Chile?

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  • Individual and family plans available.
  • Choose from a pool of quality medical professionals across the nation.

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Yes, you can add deductibles to your healthcare package with your personalised plan. If, for example, you choose to add $100 deductible, you’ll pay the first $100 of a claim. If your treatment costs $200, you’ll only pay $100.

Yes, Cigna Healthcare does cover you for instances such as emergency dental treatment. However, if you would like a more comprehensive package, you can get one that covers dental and vision to make the most of a more thorough offering.

International medical insurance covers you for a few outpatient expenses like anaesthetic costs for example. A bigger package is the International Outpatient module which has access to a wide range of outpatient services.