International Health Insurance for Students

Studying abroad gives you the chance to spread your wings and embrace the culture of another country. You can see the world through different eyes – and expand your language skills.

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Health insurance for students gives you the peace of mind to embark on your new adventure, knowing that your health is protected as you kickstart your studies.

But a range of factors must be weighed against the many benefits of studying abroad. Think carefully about the costs you’re likely to face in your chosen country and what the economic situation is like. Consider whether it’ll match your lifestyle needs too.

Access to healthcare is another essential area, with the rules varying between each nation. Discover how international health insurance for students could ease the transition below.

How can international health insurance help students?

A student visa is usually temporary, allowing you to stay in another country for a specific period. For that reason, you may find publicly funded or universal healthcare services aren’t available to you. Luckily, that’s where international health insurance for students can come in handy…

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Is international health insurance always necessary for students?

Health and other forms of insurance may be a condition of visa applications, meaning they’re generally essential for overseas students. Many universities also make health insurance a condition of entry, requesting a minimum level of coverage before you arrive.

Without adequate insurance, countries with heavily privatised healthcare systems like the US or Switzerland  might prove too costly. University medical centres, doctors’ surgeries and hospital use can prove expensive if you require urgent assistance.

Also bear in mind that some countries make medical checks a legal requirement before students are allowed to move there. For example, the New Zealand authorities may ask to see a medical certificate to check your health status.

What are the main international student health insurance benefits?

Preparing you for the unexpected. Nobody knows what’s around the corner. But with international health insurance, you won’t be left behind if an accident or illness occurs. Policies typically cover inpatient treatments like surgery costs and hospital stays. Cancer care, medical emergencies and mental health support are commonly included too.
Useful add-ons. You can often go beyond the basics, with add-ons such as dental treatments, physiotherapy and health screening.
Medical evacuations. Some policies cover the costs of returning you to your home country following a medical crisis.
Potential for worldwide coverage. Many insurers provide cover if you’re planning to travel across multiple countries. This gives you the flexibility to leave your country of study without worrying about medical costs elsewhere.


Choosing your international health insurance

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Choose from two core plans:

Cigna Global Health Options

  • High quality worldwide care, with two areas to choose from (Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US).

  • Customizable with three levels to choose from, four optional add-ons and flexible payment options.

  • Comprehensive cover for inpatient, daypatient and emergency cover, mental health care, pandemic cover and cancer care.

Cigna Close Care

  • Our plan which covers you in the country you’re living in and your home country for return visits.

  • Emergency medical coverage outside of those two areas for temporary trips also included.

  • Cigna Close Care is flexible and cost-effective, so you can tailor it to suit your needs and budget.

Why choose Cigna for international health insurance for students?

  • With two core plans to choose from, offering varying levels of cover, Cigna lets you build a flexible policy that’s an exact match for your needs.
  • Sign up and you can rely on a huge international network, taking in more than 1.5 million hospitals, doctors and clinics.
  • Our range of digital tools and 24/7 support will also keep you firmly in the loop.

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A geographical area refers to the part of the globe you’re seeking insurance for. For example, you may need student insurance to cover your study in France and so would look for a package that covers this geographical area.

You can always tailor your options to a wider area too, including ‘Worldwide’ coverage.

Most packages will cover you for the year of your study, starting for a date determined by you.

International  student health insurance provides access to medical services when you’re outside your home country. It can cover areas like emergency care and inpatient treatments, which might otherwise leave you counting heavy costs.

It’s all about peace of mind – knowing you have a safety net in place if an accident or illness strikes. Some policies offer cover across multiple countries, while others can be tailored to the place where you’re studying or your home nation.

Getting student health insurance can give you peace of mind that you are protected financially from the results of accidents and illness while you study abroad. Depending on where you’ve chosen to study, having international health insurance may be a prerequisite of attending your university.

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