Leaving a Company

Access International Health Insurance After Leaving a Job, with Individual Health Plans from Cigna

Discover our international health plan for those leaving a group plan and wishing to continue their cover.

Leaving your employer health insurance plan but still need international coverage? Continue enjoying the benefits of being a Cigna customer with a seamless transition to one of our individual international health plans from Cigna Global.

Why choose Cigna Global when you are changing jobs or leaving your Cigna group scheme?

No gap in cover

Your individual health plan can start immediately, as soon as your Cigna group membership ends.

No new waiting periods

Start enjoying your policy benefits without waiting periods*, you are covered from the first day.
*excluding Maternity and Dental benefits on CGHO plans

For all the family, whatever their age

Your family members can also join your individual health plan and remain as long as required as there is no age limit.

Cigna member discount and payment flexibilty

Cigna group leaver discount available and flexibility to suit your budget by selecting deductible and cost share.

Choose from two core plans:

Cigna Global Health Options

  • High quality worldwide care, with two areas to choose from (Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US).

  • Comprehensive cover for inpatient and daypatient with options to add additional modules (outpatient, dental, medical evacuation).

  • Medical questionnaire required, which may result in exclusion of pre-existing conditions or additional premium in some instances.

Cigna Horizon

  • Global coverage excluding US. Expatriates residing in the US or US citizens living abroad are eligible for US cover.

  • Comprehensive cover for inpatient and daypatient, as well as outpatient treatment included as standard. Options to add additional modules (dental, medical evacuation) to complement your cover.

  • No medical questionnaire required, no claims history review, most pre-existing conditions included.

Continue your cover with Cigna

Speak to a specialist member of our team to discuss your individual plan options. Call our sales team on one of the below numbers.

Worldwide+ 44 (0)1475 492119  -  Singapore+65 3158 7581  -  United States877.539.6295

Or email CGHOHorizons@Cigna.com

With Cigna Global you benefit from:

  • The Cigna network - Our global network has over 1.5 million trusted hospitals, clinics, and doctors.
  • 24/7 support - resources and tools to look after your physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Digital tools- Cigna Wellbeing™ app and Global Telehealth for multilingual access to care anytime, from anywhere.
  • Clinical expertise - our experienced clinical team of doctors and nurses provide personalized medical advice and support.

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