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Health Plans for your business

Your people are the foundation of your business’ success. At Cigna, we partner with you to help you build a healthy workforce, both in body and mind, with our simple, predictable and affordable health and well-being solutions.

Health Plans for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

We know that flexibility and affordability are key requirements for employers who have small/medium sized groups of employees. With modular, flexible options, our product range caters for all your corporate health and well-being plan needs and budgets.


International Health Plans (up to 99 globally mobile employees)

We understand that your employees are the foundation of your organisation’s success. With our international group health insurance, you can ensure your globally mobile employees get fast access to treatment and support. Modular options make it easy to build a localised, cost-effective solution to keep your overseas team performing at their peak, wherever their assignment takes them.

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UK Dental Plans (up to 99 employees)

The benefits of a healthy smile go far beyond the mouth. Regular, preventative dental care can support the whole health of your workforce and minimise unplanned absences, making our UK dental plans ideal for your small business. And with the choice of five reimbursement levels, employees get easy access to dentists as well as contributions towards unexpected oral health problems.

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Spain Medical Plans (up to 149 employees)

Comprehensive and innovative health and well-being solutions for Spain-based employers and their workforces.

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Health Plans for Large Corporate Organisations

Cigna’s rich expertise and global resources are a testament to why the world’s top organisations trust us to deliver quality solutions for their most important asset - their people. We know that healthy and happy employees are the backbone of a prosperous business and together, we can help your employees to stay healthy and bring their best to work every day.

Our comprehensive, tailorable solutions for large groups are designed to support, protect and promote business health and to empower your employees to better manage their health & well-being.


Become a pioneer in the new mental health frontier

The future of workplace mental health is culture change. And as an employer, powerful company culture changes can start with you.

How Cigna helps

24/7 Multilingual support

Our multiple customer service centres around the globe help provide access to care, advice and reassurance, in over 170 languages, wherever your employees may be in the world. 

Whole Person Health

Going beyond medical only care, our whole person health approach integrates the physical, emotional, financial, social, and environmental aspects of your employees’ health.

Digital tools

A range of digital tools and services at your fingertips to support all aspects of health and well-being, at any time, from anywhere.

You or your employee can ‘see’ stress simply using the voice.

In just 90 seconds, our voice activated technology can reveal the current stress level of you or your employee, making it easier to take control.

Why Cigna?

For more than 60 years, Cigna has been at the heart of global health care, delivering plans to meet the specific needs and budgets of its customers.

We go beyond only taking care of employees once they fall ill.  Our plans provide a range of well-being services designed to help protect from illness and motivate healthy lifestyle choices.

With a network of 1.65m health care professionals and experience in more than 200 countries and territories, Cigna knows it better than anyone.

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