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Introducing Flexible Global Healthcare Plans for Employees from Cigna Inspire

Get the most from overseas assignments. Our Inspire solutions protect the team at every stage of the journey, and help keep your organisation out in front.

Comprehensive global health solutions, tailored to fit your exact needs

Cigna Inspire offers our highest level of cover for organisations sending employees on long-term assignments.

With flexible solutions, employers can build a plan to suit the unique needs of the workforce while keeping costs within budget. Comprehensive core cover as standard ensures employees receive fast and reliable access to quality treatment and support abroad. And it’s there for their family, too.

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Why choose Cigna to protect your globally mobile employees

International cover, local expertise.

At Cigna, we specialise in providing international health plans for globally mobile individuals. That’s why our customers trust us to serve their needs in over 200 countries and territories.

Global network

With access to our global network of over 1.5 million healthcare providers, your employees get the right care and support, no matter where their assignment takes them.

Multiple ways to personalise your plan.

Modular and flexible options make it straightforward to build a plan to suit your organisation’s needs and budget.

Cigna Inspire International Health plans

At Cigna, we want to be your partner in helping you to protect the health and well-being of your globally mobile employees. Our world class Inspire plans can help your business to thrive. 

Simple and Flexible

Core cover combined with additional 'flex' options for Out-patient, Materntity and Wellness services.

  • In-patient treatment.

  • Evaluation & Repatriation.

  • Pandemic Cover.

  • Cancer treatment.

  • Options: outpatient treatment, Maternity Care, Wellness.


Enhanced core cover that includes Out-patient, Maternity Care and Wellness services as standard.

  • In-patient treatment.

  • Evaluation & Repatriation.

  • Pandemic Cover.

  • Cancer treatment.

  • Outpatient treatment.

  • Maternity Care.

  • Wellness.


Market-leading global health solution and our most comprehensive benefits package, ensuring all aspects employee health and well-being are looked after wherecer they are in the world.

  • In-patient treatment.

  • Evaluation & Repatriation.

  • Pandemic Cover.

  • Cancer treatment.

  • Outpatient treatment.

  • Maternity Care.

  • Wellness.


Medical Assessment

A vital step to ensure your employees and their families are in the best possible health before they leave for an assignment.

Early assignment

Life & Protection Solutions

Our LPS solutions provide peace of mind to your employees and their loved ones thanks to a suite of protection options that cover all eventualities, from loss of income to loss of life.

International Employee Assistance Programme (IEAP)

Telephonic and/or face-to-face mental health support for employees and their families, and support with practical issues (such as relocation, travel, childcare and purchasing a new home) as well as legal and financial concerns.

Health Risk Assessment

Takes into consideration the wide range of areas affecting the health of globally mobile employees. The assessment links employees to other well-being programmes, where appropriate.

Make One Small Change

Consisting of five pillars: Resilience, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, and Tobacco, the programme helps employees identify their goals, motivations and barriers to build lasting change, one small step at a time.

During assignment

Global Telehealth

Access to doctors by phone or video for non-emergency health issues from anywhere in the world. Available 24/7 to employees and dependant family members on the plan.

Clinical Services

If a medical condition arises, our experienced clinical team is ready to assist your employees with specialist support.

Pandemic, epidemic and infectious illness.

Peace of mind for employees living overseas during challenging times, with coverage that includes treatment, testing and the shipment of prescription drugs.

Mental health care

From acute conditions to everyday stress and anxiety, protecting your employees’ mental health can go a long way towards helping them stay at the top of their game while on assignment.

End of assignment

Transition back into local healthcare

We look after your employees’ health and well-being right up until the moment they transition back into local healthcare.

Get in touch for a quote, we’d love to hear from you.

Our expert advisors are on hand to help. To learn more about our health solutions, complete our short contact form or call the number below. You can also email us at SME.Inspire@Cigna.com.

Frequently asked questions

Cigna international health plans require a minimum of 2 employees.

Groups of more than 10 employees will be quoted with Medical History Disregarded. Groups of less than 10 employees will receive a short moratorium on any pre-existing conditions. Please speak to our sales team for further information.

CignaLinks® is our extensive global network ensuring easy access to high quality care with direct pay arrangements, discounted rates and full compliance with local regulations.

Members can submit and track claims via Cigna Envoy. Take and upload a picture and avoid the paperwork!

Our international health plans provide 90 days home country cover as per coverage terms.

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