What to do with your stuff when moving overseas

What to do with your stuff when moving overseas

14 September 2022

When moving overseas, deciding what to do with a lifetime’s worth of furniture and other belongings can be a major headache. Chances are you can’t take everything with you, so how do you work out what goes and what gets left behind? Here’s some advice to help you make up your mind

Start with an inventory

Systematically go through all you have and mark down what you feel is essential to take with you and what you can either do without or renew once overseas. The eventual list of essential items will be different for everyone. Think not just about practical items such as furniture, but also those things that add to your quality of life and which cannot be replaced, such as your favourite guitar or a prized record collection. Moving overseas shouldn’t means saying goodbye to all the things you love! Read on for really great hints and tips.

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