Reasons to Move Abroad

Reasons to Move Abroad

Why do people move abroad? Learn the different reasons people choose to move to a new country and the main benefits of living abroad.
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 Reasons to move abroad - Why do people move abroad? - An infographic showing what characterizes the 10 types of expats that roam the world, according to the Expat Insider Survey from the world’s leading expat network, InterNations.

  • What are the benefits of living abroad?

Millions of people have taken the huge step in life to relocate to a new country, and the reasons for moving vary widely; from being transferred by an employer, to looking for an adventure or joining a loved one abroad – anything can motivate an individual to become an expat.

InterNations quizzed thousands of expatriates around the world about their reasons for relocating; and identified a list of 10 distinct types of expats.

  • Why do people move abroad?

The Expat Insider survey divided the population into sub-groups with different motivations and goals. From each sub-group then emerged certain trends. The results exposed that the main reason for moving abroad is pursuing a better quality of life (21% of the population). Another significant reason is relocation by employers (16% of the population).

  • Top reasons for moving abroad

According to the latest Expat Insider Survey, there are six different expats types: the optimiser, explorer, foreign assignee, go-getter, traveling spouse and the romantic.

A report conducted by Move Hub found that 60% of 18 to 35-year-old young professionals will live abroad and experience different cultures. 

  • Enhance your career: Many people decide to move abroad for the purpose of enhancing their career. Working abroad for a period of time can be very beneficial for your career development and employers tend to take notice of someone who has international experience on their CV. Research from InterNations shows that 10% of expats have been sent to work abroad by their existing employer.
  • Family bonding: Parents will often choose to move abroad for the numerous advantages it brings for their Children will get an invaluable experience of learning more languages and mixing with other children from different cultures and backgrounds. Both of these advantages may benefit them later in life. InterNations reports that 8% of expats have moved abroad for their partner’s job and 12% of expats have moved abroad to join their loved one in their home country.
  • Tips for moving abroad

Living abroad is exciting, but adapting to a different culture can be overwhelming. Visit our blog post on ‘Becoming an Expat’ to find more tips and information to help you settle in.

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