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T&Cs -Families 10% Discount Promotion 2024

Cigna reserves the right to amend or withdraw a promotion at any time without notice. Cigna Global Individual Policies sold with 3 or more people on them between 13/05/24 and 30/06/24 will be eligible for a 10% family discount. The discount may only be applied by a telesales support agent following an initial quote online and cannot be applied in conjunction with any other offer, except the 10% discount given to policies paid annually in full. If you choose to pay your policy annually in full, your 10% family discount will be applied after the 10% annual discount has been applied. For example, a policy with 3 people initially costing $5000 will receive a 10% discount ($500) when paid annually in full, and then a further 10% family discount ($450), bringing the total cost to $4050. Only Cigna Global Individual Policies are eligible for the 10% family discount (Cigna Global Health Options, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Close Care cover). A minimum purchase value of $2k for policies based in Europe is applicable. Policies based in the rest of the world require a minimum purchase value of $3k to be eligible. Equivalent values for Europe are £1,600 and 1900 Euros. Equivalent values for the rest of the world are £2,400 and 2,800 Euros.