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Your Employee Stress Care for the ‘New Normal’

The workplace has changed and so has stress. Help your team manage with Cigna’s unrivalled ecosystem of Stress Care resources.

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A young professional couple sits at their dining room table quietly working from home together.

Office or Home… What approach will your business take?

Transitioning back to the office or continuing to work from home can be a major factor in employee stress. Get expert advice and Stress Care tools to help make their experience as smooth as possible.

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A new mother holds her baby in one arm as she works on her laptop with the other.

Coping with Stress Now Your Work-Life Balance Has Changed

As the lines between work and home continue to blur, make sure your employees have the support they need to keep their mental health in check with tools and advice from Stress Care experts.

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Father and Child Making a Healthy Meal

Cigna 2021 Body and Mind Report

The pandemic has sparked a once in a generation change in people’s attitudes to health and well-being, with many people seizing the opportunity to spend quality time with family, get fit and eat well. As we begin to create a ‘New Normal’ how can continue this trend and create a healthier future?

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Woman working from home late at night

Cigna 2021 State of Work Report

Disruption and uncertainty have defined many people’s experience since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world moves towards a ‘New Normal’ many companies are implementing return-to-work strategies but it's clear that we cannot simply return to pre-pandemic working norms. This report examines the State of Work in 2021 and people’s aspirations for what work should look like in the future.

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Employees in a well-being workshop

How to Create a Well-being Culture at Work

Health and well-being is more important than ever. As we transition to the ‘New Normal’ phase, how can employers build a sustainable health and well-being culture in their organizations?

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International professionals in a workshop

Safeguarding the Health of Expatriate Employees

Finding from the 2021 Cigna360 Well-being Study found that expats suffer from higher levels of stress than local employees. Many are worried about job security, employment opportunities and money. With these worries magnified by lockdowns and travel bans, how can employers support their international staff during the transition to the ‘New Normal’?

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Man commuting to work by train while wearing a face mask

Creating a Safe Working Environment for the Office Return

As we transition towards the ‘New Normal’, with employees expected to begin returning to the office in some form, how can employers create a safe working environment that is Covid safe and enhances their team’s health and well-being?

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