Take the 5% Pledge and support mental health in the workplace

Join other senior leaders and people managers who have already committed 5% of their working hours to support positive mental well-being in the workplace.

The importance of mental health in the workplace

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Arjan Toor, CEO Europe, International Health, Cigna Healthcare, together with his Senior Leadership Team has taken the 5% Pledge.
He’s committed to building a supportive and positive workplace culture highlighting the importance of mental health in the workforce.

Arjan has a long commitment to positive mental well-being. In this short video, he explains why it’s essential to drive positive behavioural change and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness to improve employee mental wellness in the workplace.

To learn more about the questions other senior business leaders are asking about the 5% Pledge, take a look at our FAQs.

The 5% Pledge: the latest media buzz

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"What I love about this Pledge is that it gets senior leaders thinking about mental health as a strategic issue within their organisations"

Insurance Business Magazine 

"I'm so impressed that Cigna really understand the importance of mental health in the workplace, and that's why I'm genuinely happy to be working alongside them"

PA Media

The 5% Pledge in conversation

Anna Williamson talks about prioritising your employees mental health.

Geoff McDonald addressing mental health stigma by storytelling and training.

Why take the Pledge?

Evaluate wellness and employees' mental health icon

Evaluate and measure your employees’ overall health and well-being

A team leader who devotes 5% of their working hours to improving mental health in the workplace can better understand and implement well-being strategies that support the needs of their workforce

Show leadership commitment and dedication icon

Show leadership commitment and dedication

Talking the Pledge sends a strong message to your employees about their well-being and demonstrates that you understand the importance of mental health in the workplace.

Recruit resilient top talent icon

Attract top industry

Organisations that prioritise mental health in the workplace will be seen as more caring and attractive to potential employees.

Workplace mental health initiatives icon

Enhance and expand your current mental health in the workplace initiatives

Cultivate a supportive work environment by incorporating positive mental well-being practices into your DEI plans.

Meet like-minded leaders icon

Meet like-minded leaders

Learn and share workplace best practices with other industry leaders.

Empower and encourage others icon

Empower and encourage empathy in others

Your public commitment to advocate for positive mental well-being will help drive positive behavioural change across other workplaces.

Cigna Healthcare’s commitment to mental health at work

We spend a lot of time at work, so it’s only natural that we’d want the workplace to be a positive and supportive place where everyone can discuss their health and well-being challenges.

At Cigna Healthcare, we see mental health as a key part of an individual’s Whole Health. There’s lots more to do to reduce the negative impact of presenteeism, financial stress and long working hours on employees' mental health. Are you looking to make a mental health care at work commitment? Take a look at all our resources to help you develop your on-going strategy.

Take the Pledge with us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to common questions about the 5% Pledge.

Cigna Healthcare has long recognised the importance of mental health at work – that’s why mental health support is a core pillar of our Whole Health vision – but in recent years our Global 360 Well-being surveys have shown that stress, burnout and issues with work/life balance have been on the rise within the workforce. By taking the 5% Pledge, you’re committing to building a positive and supportive workplace, one where it's okay not to be okay.

We recommend an executive leader should take the 5% Pledge to highlight the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace and to highlight the value the business places on employee mental health. The conversation about mental health in the workplace can then begin. The intention is that the communication starts at the top and expands throughout the business involving everyone, at all levels.

Taking the Pledge couldn’t be easier – simply fill out the very brief form that can be found on this page, it’ll only take a minute.

Take the Pledge 

There are many ways to demonstrate support:

  • Announce your commitment in your staff meetings and communications such as newsletters
  • Post on social channels that you’ve signed the Pledge, maybe include a few words telling others why mental health in the workplace is important to you. Link to the Pledge site and use the hashtag #Pledge5Percent
  • Share mental health at work initiatives that you’ve implemented within your organisation to inspire and encourage other leaders. Remember to use the hashtag #Pledge5Percent

Taking the 5% Pledge will mean you are joining other senior leaders by dedicating 5% of your annual working hours towards improving mental health in the workplace support.

The first step in erasing stigma around mental health in the workplace is opening the dialogue with your colleagues. We recommend having an executive leader sign the Pledge to demonstrate the importance of this issue. As you start the conversation in your workplace, you might like to connect with your HR leaders to understand what benefits and support your company currently provides for employees and where there might be gaps.

By signing the 5% Pledge you will redefine your relationship with your employees and help shape the future of mental health at work.

The outcomes will vary from business to business, however organisations may benefit by seeing an improvement in attendance and reduced presenteeism and even a higher uptake in working benefits such as holidays and reward schemes. Your participation could help with attraction and retention of staff and boost employee engagement. It could also enhance your reputation as an employer and help to fulfil your duty of care as an employer. In addition, you will have the opportunity of working alongside other senior leaders who face similar issues in the workplace to share best practices to help create safe and supportive working environments. Read this article to learn more: 5 Benefits of the 5% Pledge

Absolutely! Everyone within an organisation has a responsibility towards creating a culture that positively impacts mental and physical health. We suggest that you start with a small group of people representing your c-suite and an HR representative to begin with, and then other individuals can join the movement. A joint mindset towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is preferable to just one department trying to make a difference.

For a person working 42 hours per week, when they take the 5% Pledge they’d be committing to allocating 2 hours per week, or one day per month, to understanding and supporting mental health in the workplace.

Arjan Toor cigna employee

"With the 5% Pledge, we are redefining our relationship with employees and shaping the future of mental well-being."

Arjan Toor, CEO Cigna Healthcare Europe