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    Choose your comprehensive, affordable, and tailored health insurance plan

    Cigna Global plans combine the reassurance of comprehensive inpatient cover, with the flexibility of optional additional modules, allowing you to build a plan that’s right for you

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    Start by selecting your International Medical Insurance plan

    Global Health Options


    A quality health plan, including cover for hospital stays, treatments, and a substantial overall annual benefit limit.

    • Annual benefit limit: $1,000,000
    • Cancer treatment

    Global Health Options


    Comprehensive coverage, including inpatient maternity care with higher limits on most of the benefits

    • Annual benefit limit: $2,000,000
    • Cancer treatment
    • Inpatient Maternity
    • Travel Safety App

    Global Health Options


    Our elite level plan, with no overall annual benefit limit, and most benefits are paid in full.

    • Annual benefit limit: Unlimited
    • Cancer care
    • Inpatient Maternity
    • Mental Health care paid in full
    • Travel Safety App

    All plans include the following as standard

    • Essential hospital stays and treatments, including: surgeons and specialist consultation fees, hospital accommodation, and cancer treatment

    • Option to choose your area of coverage

    • Mental health care and treatment

    • A choice of deductible and cost share options

    • Secure online customer area to handle your documents and claims

    • Documentation available in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish


    Enhance your protection with optional modules

    Giving you the flexibility to create a health insurance plan that suits your unique needs

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    International Outpatient

    Extensive outpatient care for treatments where an overnight hospital stay is not required. Includes prescribed outpatient drugs, dressings, and much more.

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    International Medical Evacuation

    Covers medical evacuation in the event of emergency treatment not being available locally. Includes repatriation of the beneficiary to return to their country of habitual residence, or nationality.

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    International Health & Wellbeing

    Proactively manage your health – screen and test against diseases and common illnesses. Get reassurance through routine physical exams.

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    International Vision & Dental

    Vision care including your routine eye examination and a range of preventative, routine and major dental treatments.

    Start building your plan online

    Answer a few quick questions to start tailoring your plan in as little as two minutes.

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    At Cigna, we specialise in health insurance policies for people just like you

    Having joined the millions of others around the world who’ve taken the huge step in life to relocate to a new country, it’s important to secure peace of mind in as many aspects of your new life as possible.

    We currently provide health insurance for customers in over 200 countries and territories

    We take great pride in being able to support the globally mobile population with a medical network of over 1 million hospitals and medical professionals worldwide.

    With Cigna, you can create the policy that’s right for you and your family.

    It’s flexible, so you can choose and pay for only the cover you need. Our plans offer different levels of cover, each including international medical insurance. In addition, you can add optional modules to your plan, including outpatient cover, medical evacuation, health and wellbeing and vision & dental care.

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