Quotes for Your Clients

Getting a quote for your client is easy. There are 3 options depending on how you like to interact with your customers.

1. AppLink

This is the convenient way to drive leads from your website. Simply take your AppLink URL which is unique to your brokerage and place this on your website or in your email campaigns. Your customers click through, build a quote on your co-branded quote portal, and if they purchase a policy, you will receive full commission. Find out more in our AppLink Factsheet.

2. Broker Quote Tool

Your Broker Quote Tool (BQT) is a quick and easy way to build quotes for your client. Simply obtain your unique BQT link, select some basic information about where your client is living, and generate 3 side-by-side quotes in seconds. What's more, you can create a quote PDF and send this directly to your client from the tool. Find out more about the Broker Quote Tool in our BQT Factsheet.

3. Your Broker Sales & Support Team

We have a regional support team which can take care of your quote requests on your behalf. They will even contact your AppLink customers directly on your behalf if you request this service.

To contact your regional Broker Support Team, call:

Americas: +1 877 539 6296

Europe: +44 1475 788682

Asia Pacific: +65 6391 9787

Alternatively you can email the team at

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