At Cigna, we offer a modular individual international private medical insurance plan to meet the needs of expatriates and globally mobile individuals - giving your clients access to quality, global healthcare around the world.

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  • Competitive commission for new business and renewals
  • Flexible plans to help you build cover which fits your clients’ needs and budgets
  • Streamlined and efficient service to both you and your clients

How it works

First, your client chooses their level of core cover.


  • Annual benefit: $1,000,000
  • Inpatient, daypatient & accommodation costs. Semi-private room
  • Cancer care
  • Mental health $5,000
  • Maternity
  • Safe Travel App


  • Annual benefit: $2,000,000
  • Inpatient, daypatient & accommodation costs. Private room
  • Cancer care
  • Mental health $10,000
  • Inpatient routine maternity $7,000
  • Safe Travel App


  • Annual benefit: Unlimited
  • Inpatient, daypatient & accommodation costs. Private room
  • Cancer care
  • Mental health Paid in full
  • Inpatient routine maternity $14,000
  • Safe Travel App

Then, your client chooses their option benefits, and customises their cover with deductibles and cost shares.

International Outpatient

Additional and more extensive outpatient cover that protects you for any treatments that don't require a hospital stay. More

International Medical Evacuation

Peace of mind cover for transport and repatriation costs for you and a family member if you need treatment in another country. More

International Health and Wellbeing

Allows you to manage your health in your own way with cover for screenings, tests, examinations and other wellbeing activities. More

International Vision and Dental

Complete cover for all your vision and dental costs. This covers your eye tests, corrective lenses, eyeglass frames, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. More

International Health Insurance

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Customer reviews

Friendly and professional adviser. Clear explanations of the different packages and add ons.

Pressure to act quickly. Sales gimmicks like "If you sign on today I can offer you a free add-on"

Written on 13th May, 2018

The people I talk to we're extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and seemed excited to help me with my need for the health insurance that I purchased. A great team of people to work with.

None. I was the focus of their attention. They were committed to helping me obtain the insurance that I needed and best fit my needs.

Written on 12th May, 2018

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