Wellbeing at work
September 2018   HEALTHCARE

Wellbeing at work

Workplace wellness programs are a great opportunity for employees to improve their wellbeing. Our 2018 360 Wellbeing Survey found they also influence employees' decision in choosing a job.
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Wellness promotion

The success of wellness programs cannot be overlooked. They can bring a number of positive impacts, such as: increased engagement, increased motivation and improved relationships between colleagues.

These programs can be used not only to improve employees own wellbeing, but also to support others within their workplace and beyond. Promoting wellness can have a big impact on an individual’s family or social circle. Be sure to share the positive effects that the programs can give!

Helps stress management

Engaging with these programs is a fantastic way of dealing with issues at work. Used correctly they can help workers maintain a healthier lifestyle and manage their stress.

Our research found that 77% of employees said stress was manageable with workplace wellness programs compared to 71% of employees who said it was manageable without.

Stress management should be a priority for all workers who value their wellbeing. Anything that can be done to help cope with stress is a must.

Improved lifestyle

Another benefit of wellness programs are the lifestyle improvements. When it comes to eating habits for example, these programs can be very helpful. Having a regular ‘healthy lunch day’ at work can be a good way of promoting wellness.

Wellness programs can also help physical health. Having an office sports team helps staff to improve fitness levels and also gives them the opportunity to socialise outside of work.

If sports teams aren’t for you, fear not. Try walking to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator as regular wellness activities.

Increased support from colleagues

A big part of wellness is making sure you feel comfortable at work. Work stress can be burdensome at times so if you are struggling, it helps to reach out to those around you for support.

Talking with trusted colleagues or close friends about stress issues can really boost your overall wellness. Don’t hide it, speak out today.

Useful resources

At Cigna, workplace wellness programs are a very important part of who we are and what we do. We’re on a mission to improve health and wellbeing worldwide and that’s why we are in support of these programs.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our Champions Program to celebrate ambassadors for wellness.

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