Stress Hacks – New Years Resolutions
January 2020   HEALTHCARE

Stress Hacks – New Years Resolutions

Making a PLAN to manage your stress in 2020 is a great way to start the New Year off right.
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A new year is always a great opportunity to start fresh and make your goals happen.

We’ve prepared some helpful stress hacks to help you to start off the New Year the right way.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you motivated to achieve your goals:

  1. We recommend attacking your New Year’s Resolutions in small chunks, taking them one at a time, month by month.
  2. It helps to set specific and manageable goals for yourself to keep track of your New Year’s resolutions.
  3. Tell people about your New Year’s Resolutions. Talking to close friends and family can help you to stay organised and follow through on your goals.
  4. Remember to make your New Year’s Resolutions measurable. By assigning a measurement, you are specifying what goal success looks like.
  5. What are your monthly priorities? Make a checklist of your resolutions and work your way calmly through it to stay in control of rising pressure.

Take control of your stress

Our new ‘See Stress Differently’ initiative aims to address the issue of unmanaged stress.

We are visualizing the impact of stress on the body and mind for the first time, to encourage the world to take the issue more seriously and inspire people to take control.

We can help you to create a personal Stress Care PLAN to take control of your stress. 

P – Period of time to unwind

L – Location to de-stress

A – Activity to enjoy

N – Name of someone to talk to

Period of time to unwind - Headed home? Try to leave the day’s stresses behind you, and face your loved ones feeling calm and peaceful.

Location to de-stress - Get moving to work off stress. Try going for an early morning walk.

Activity to enjoy - Reduce your stress levels by focusing on your breathing.

Name of someone to talk to - Organise a team lunch this week. Try to rediscover the value of taking time out.

Take our stress test

Our doctors have devised a short test to allow you to see your stress and create your own Stress Care PLAN.

Our stress test is based on an established industry standard: the Perceived Stress Scale.

We would like to encourage you to take our three-minute stress test now.

Share your test results with us on social media by using the tag #SeeStressDifferently.

For more information, please visit:

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