How to deal with stress at work
September 2018   HEALTHCARE

How to deal with stress at work

The results of Cigna’s 2018 360 Well-Being Survey revealed that stress is one of the biggest issues in the workplace these days. The Survey found that 87% of employees are stressed at work.
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The results of Cigna's 2018 360 Well-Being Survey revealed that stress is one of the biggest issues in the workplace these days.  The Survey found that 87% of employees are stressed at work.  Part of the reason why people can be stressed is taking on too heavy a workload. If you are seeking help dealing with stress, check out this advice:

Stay active

According to NHS research, staying active outside of work is a great way of reducing stress and boosting your well-being. Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, but it’s not the only way of keeping fit. Try going for a walk during your lunch break, or cycling to work.

Joining a sports team can also be a great way to stay active and socialize outside of work. You’d be surprised at how big a difference exercise can have on reducing your stress levels.

Get organized

Staying on top of things is helpful when it comes to coping with stress. No matter how overwhelmed you might be feeling about your workload, being organized is a sure way to reduce stress.  Make a list of all the things that need to get done and rank them in order of priority.

Doing this will help you to focus on your most important tasks. You could also try to make a habit of prioritizing your time outside of the office to relax and take your mind off work.

Meet with your boss

Being under too much stress for a significant period of time can be very damaging for your career. The results of our survey found that one in five workers do not feel as though they get enough support from their employers in dealing with stress. Millennials (22-37 year-olds) reported feeling the most stressed and least able to cope.

As difficult as it can be to admit you are struggling, it is important to talk to someone about your issues with stress. Remember that speaking out is the first step in tackling the issue. Don’t be afraid to approach the topic with your boss and try to arrange a meeting to discuss the issue further.

Workplace wellbeing programs

Workplace wellbeing programs are a fantastic way for workers to deal with stress. However, our survey found that one in five workers feel their workplace wellness program is inadequate to meet their needs. If your workplace does not have a program already in place, try speaking to your HR team or manager about starting one.

These programs could really help your stress levels and have also been proven to have a positive impact on morale and performance.

Use resources

Cigna has plenty of resources to help you. Our CLIMB (Changing Lives by Integrating Mind and Body) program is designed to help people incorporate mindfulness and stress management in their everyday life. CLIMB Podcasts are short, easy-to-listen to resources that are available online.

You can also try out our stress management resources:


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