Expat Stories – Mica Mollyneaux
September 2019   EXPAT STORIES

Expat Stories – Mica Mollyneaux

Mica Mollyneaux works as a Telesales Executive at Cigna Global IPMI’s office in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
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This is her expat story.

Tell us about your expat move.

It all happened very quickly to be honest. I came for a holiday in January 2019 and found out about a position here at Cigna through a friend of a friend of mine.

I extended my stay, was invited for an interview on the Friday, and flew home on the Sunday. I hadn’t heard anything until Monday morning when I was about to get up to go to work. I was then offered the job.

I handed in my notice at my previous job and moved to Dubai 3 weeks later to start at Cigna.

What did you find were the best ways of making friends as an expat abroad?

Going out, socializing and getting involved in events with people from work. I have also joined a gym and met people from there too.

What have been some of the biggest highlights from your expat journey so far?

My biggest highlight was landing in Dubai. This has been my dream for about 3 years. I told myself every day I would live in Dubai and it has happened. It’s been a bit difficult but totally worth it.

What have been some of the biggest challenges so far?

Being away from home and receiving bad news about my best friend. I wanted to leave and go be with her but after long telephone talks with her, my sister and my dad, I decided I need to stay here and live my life. I have planned to go home and visit which I can do regularly due to the 4 day week!

What do you miss about your home country?

I am missing my family and my friends a lot.

How much do you enjoy your role in Cigna?

I’m really enjoying my job here at Cigna. I have never woken up in the morning and not wanted to go to work. It’s testing at times but my team is so supportive. It’s like a little family.

What advice would you give to those who are considering making a move to Dubai?

Make sure you have enough money to get an apartment. They can be quite expensive in Dubai, and there are upfront fees to consider.

My advice would be to try save up lots of money before you come out to Dubai. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in going out and enjoying yourself ‘living the Dubai life’, Friday brunches, and spending lots of money.

It is fun though and that is how you meet people. Also, I would suggest trying to learn the roads if you are getting taxis as they will ask you where you are from and then go the long route in the taxi. Very cheeky of them!

What one be the one piece of advice you wish you’d known before moving?

Saving money. I came with a decent amount of money as I sold everything back in the UK.

I have been here 5 months and am about to move for the 3rd time.

Finally, how would you describe your expat journey in 10 words or less?

The best thing I have ever done.

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