Workforce Whole Health Check-up tool
November 2021   WHOLE HEALTH

Workforce Whole Health Check-up tool

Cigna’s new online tool helps put employee wellness at the heart of your organisation’s growth strategy.
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Looking after the health and well-being of your employees and their families does more than just help them stay on the path to better health. You rely on having a thriving team around you who are as committed to achieving your goals as you are.

Healthier, happier employees not only perform to their full potential, they also contribute to a culture of wellness in the workplace. Compared with other organisations, those that have adopted a cycle of wellness are more likely to attract and retain the best and brightest talent to drive future growth and success.

Our Workforce Whole Health Check-up tool is a new way to discover what employee wellness programme could work best for your organisation.

Simply answer a few questions about your organisation, including its demographics and working practices, and let the intelligent tool do the rest. Your personalised results pinpoint the specific underlying drivers of ill-health and reduced well-being in your organisation. The tool also generates recommendations for employee wellness programmes.

All recommendations are approved by our expert clinicians and reference over 100 data sources, including peer-reviewed academic articles and research studies, based around: 

  • Case management. Dedicated programmes focused on managing and coordinating an individual’s journey of care with services ranging from telephonic outreach sessions to second opinion services, where applicable.
  • Disease management. Employees with specific chronic conditions can be offered coaching and extra support to help them better self-manage their condition and avoid hospitalisation.
  • Lifestyle management. Tools and coaching, such as smoking cessation and healthy eating awareness, designed to make it easier for employees to improve their health and well-being habits.
  • Disease prevention awareness such as workplace hygiene promotion and vaccination awareness.
  • Health Risk Assessments. Programmes include health screenings, coaching and assessments to offer more support across four areas: sleep, stress, physical activity and nutrition.

At Cigna, our approach to employee wellness is underpinned by our innovative Whole Health model; it’s how we ensure everyone in your team is supported through the various aspects and moving parts that make up their world.

Take your first step towards an employee wellness solution – tailored to satisfy your organisation’s individual goals and budget. Visit: today.

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