Global Wellness Challenge 2022 – Find what fuels you
July 2022   COMPANY NEWS

Global Wellness Challenge 2022 – Find what fuels you

When it comes to looking after the Whole Health of employees, we know how important it is to support them not just with their physical and mental health, but with everything in between, too.
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A number of studies have shown that the benefits of employer support are far-reaching and seen nowadays as a necessity rather than an appreciated extra. When employees thrive, so do businesses and communities.

As a Whole Health employer, the health and well-being of our employees is our top priority. Now in its 11th year, the Cigna Global Wellness Challenge encourages our employees and their family members to join a 6 week challenge where they can get involved and track their participation in activities that help to boost their physical and mental well-being. The possibilities of activities are endless - from joining a running group to reading a new book or even connecting with a friend. The aim is to focus on being mindful about the behaviours and routines we set to live a healthy and happy life. Last year our employees recorded a staggering 1,681,679 minutes of activity, but we’re confident this year they can even surpass 2,500,000 minutes!

Our workforce choose to get involved in the Global Wellness Challenge as it’s a fun way to connect with their colleagues, challenge themselves and to do things that make them feel most alive – and to top it off, we offer great incentives and prizes for those who take part. Our employees get involved in a number of initiatives that not only support their well-being but also give back to society.

Our employees from Kenya are a fantastic example. Twenty employees have taken part in this year’s 10K Mater Heart Run, to raise awareness about the financial burden of underprivileged families whose children need open heart surgery. The event brings together corporate organisations, families, educational institutions and individuals to raise funds for children aged between six months and eighteen years to undergo cardiac surgeries.

We are incredibly proud of the efforts already shown by our employees across the globe and we are looking forward to seeing how others choose to get involved in this year’s Global Wellness Challenge.

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