Cigna Health Summit - Fostering employee well-being in a sustainable way
June 2023   COMPANY NEWS

Cigna Health Summit - Fostering employee well-being in a sustainable way

Now in its 20th year, the Cigna Health Summit brings together International Organisations and Corporate Companies to discuss the hot topics which are front of mind with employers. Our goal is to play a convening role and participate in a constructive conversation.
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At our first in-person event of this size since 2019, on 10th & 11th May we were joined by 80 delegates from 50 client organisations for the Cigna Health Summit to discuss the importance of fostering employee well-being in a sustainable way.

This theme has never been more relevant as employers look to the future. Following the pandemic, societal, economic and political turbulence is creating many challenges for organisations already grappling with worsening employee health and increasing healthcare costs. And with a diverse workforce comprising multi-generational teams, employee needs and expectations have also changed.

The event kicked off on 10th May with a guided tour of Mauritshuis, world-famous for its collection of 17th century paintings by Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn. Delegates were then invited for dinner at Sociëteit De Witte.

The following morning, the diverse audience of international HR decision makers, medical officers, and employee benefit professionals from around the globe met at Amare Conference Centre for the business seminar.

Arjan Toor, Cigna Healthcare Europe CEO opened with a fireside chat with David Cordani, Chairman and CEO of The Cigna Group to discuss the four main challenges the healthcare sector is facing:

  • Access to care and delivering the right care at the right time;
  • Affordability of care;
  • Quality, both from a clinical point of view, as from a service point of view, and
  • The mental health challenge

These thoughts set the scene for the event where our outstanding keynote speakers provided their valuable insights and offered their perspective on potential solutions to these challenges. 

Attendees were also encouraged to take part in interactive breakout sessions focused on the importance of improving the mental health of employees in the workplace, with a deep dive into our 5% Pledge initiative.

The Summit was a great opportunity to gather like-minded individuals, organisations and professionals to share their knowledge and experiences, discuss ideas, and collaborate to develop practical solutions to fostering employee well-being. 

We’re already looking forward to the next Cigna Health Summit in 2025! 

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