Cigna joins the 2022 Earth Day celebrations
June 2022   COMPANY NEWS

Cigna joins the 2022 Earth Day celebrations

Discover how we partook in celebrating Earth Day 2022 and our work to protect vulnerable ecosystems in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service.
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Cigna recently took part in this year’s Earth Day celebrations.

Read on to discover how we celebrated and learn about our work to protect vulnerable ecosystems in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and helped form the modern environmentalism movement that we know today. 

For over 50 years, the event has raised awareness and rallied support for better ways to treat our planet. Earth Day has shone a light on important issues like protecting vulnerable habitats, switching to renewable energy and how governments can do more.

What was this year’s theme?

This year, the theme was ‘Invest In Our Planet’, underlining the collective attitude change that must take place to protect our planet. Everyone has a place in a shared green future and everyone must be accountable.

As such, the flagship message of this year’s Earth day was:

Act (boldly), Innovate (broadly), and Implement (equitably)

How did Cigna celebrate?

Heeding this message, we partnered with the Kenya Forest Service. 30 staff members from our Kenya office donated their time to help plant 100 trees within the Karura forest.

The forest is situated in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, and contains three rivers and a 15-meter-high waterfall. The forest is also home to a bamboo jungle, numerous caves and wetland areas, and nearly 80 kilometers of walking trails.

Since 2005, the local community has shared in the revenue from eco-minded tourists and local residents eager to see the forest’s sites. As such, the site serves as an excellent example of how people can live in harmony with the planet.

We hope that the newly planted trees will go on to have an important role in the local ecology, acting as vital carbon stores, and play a small part in adding to the park’s beauty. 

Discover more about our CSR initiatives

As a global healthcare provider, we’re acutely aware of the importance of wellbeing and the impact environmental conditions can have on health. We recognise nature’s place in helping our members maintain their health and happiness.

Our partnership with the Kenya Forest Service is part of Cigna Global’s wider commitment to responsible Environmental and Social Governance (ESG).

We’ve recently published a renewed plan to limit our carbon emissions and water usage as well as tackle issues like disparities in healthcare access and data privacy rights.

If you’d like to learn more about our efforts and progress in being a sustainable, socially responsible business, check out our latest report on our Corporate Responsibility page.

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