Cigna doubles healthcare offering as demand for affordable care continues to rise
October 2022   COMPANY NEWS

Cigna doubles healthcare offering as demand for affordable care continues to rise

New products developed following employer insight for streamlined solutions
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  • Cigna Connect offers structured, standardised support with a directional care approach to help cut costs 

LONDON – 7th October 2022: Global health service company, Cigna Europe, has today further demonstrated its support for employers as it launches Cigna Connect – doubling its previous offering with three new and affordable healthcare packages. 

The new solution offers employers, whether they have two, five or five hundred employees who travel abroad for work, a choice of three comprehensive plans that cover a wide range of specific, individual needs, designed to support employees abroad access the right care at the right cost, without compromising on quality. 

Using directional care, Cigna Connect features a unique ‘virtual first’ approach, ensuring users are guided by Cigna’s expert clinical team towards the best healthcare outcome - in the most cost-effective way. While open access to Cigna’s global network, that includes 1.5m+ providers, clinics and facilities offers freedom of choice to support users wherever they are in the world, ensuring a truly personalised healthcare experience. 

With 1 in 5 (22%) of global employees having had their medical treatment cancelled or delayed – with these delays at least three months long on average2, the new offering increases the choices available for employers looking for all encompassing healthcare - while supporting them with the ever-evolving world of work, budgetary pressures, increased medical inflation costs and the ongoing cost of living crisis. It comes as Cigna’s research reveals almost two thirds (65%) of globally mobile employees say that access to care is ‘very important’ to them, yet less than a third (28%) of employers provide sufficient healthcare plans2

Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe, said: “Everyone in the workforce deserves access to high-quality healthcare and as priorities and circumstances change, healthcare needs to adapt. Our Global Healthcare Survey showed an increasing need for more affordable propositions; however we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ve introduced a bold new approach to global healthcare with individual needs in mind, developing a suite of products to suit any budget.  

“Quality of service remains a priority for us, and Cigna Connect maintains Cigna quality at a more affordable price point, allowing employers to put the Whole Health of their employees first.” 

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