Your Employee Stress Care for the ‘New Normal’

The workplace has changed and so has stress. Help your team manage with Cigna’s unrivalled ecosystem of Stress Care resources.

Is this actually normal? Cigna employee Stress Care

Just like the workplace, our causes of stress have changed. Although many of us are returning to the office, it’s not like it was. As we all begin to get to grips with this ‘New Normal’, we need to ensure we are managing our team’s stress so that we can protect everyone’s long-term health.

Cigna’s ever-evolving ecosystem of Stress Care resources and expert advice can help. Give your team members the right tools to manage and understand their stress before it affects their long-term health.

Creating a Safe Working Environment

How can employers create a safe working environment that is Covid safe and enhances their team’s health and well-being?

Even more employee Stress Care for the ‘New Normal’


Leadership in Hybrid Workplaces

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Discover more ways to manage employee stress in the new normal

Work has changed and so has employee stress. People are calling this the ‘New Normal’ but there is nothing normal about long-term stress. Give your team members the right tools to take control with confidence.

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