Why is Global Telehealth the future of workplaces health and well-being programmes?
September 2021   WHOLE HEALTH

Why is Global Telehealth the future of workplaces health and well-being programmes?

Looking after employees’ holistic health is becoming even more relevant in companies because, by looking at the full picture of health, we can have a positive impact on all the factors that affect their overall well-being.
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Looking after employees’ holistic health is becoming even more relevant in companies because, by looking at the full picture of health, we can have a positive impact on all the factors that affect their overall well-being. And it is precisely in the workplace where Global Telehealth has a lot to offer, for example, immediacy, speedy access to non-urgent care and diagnoses, boosting team satisfaction, among some of its benefits. Keep reading to find out all the advantages of opting for Global Telehealth in health and well-being plans in the workplace!

When it comes to introducing initiatives to improve employees’ well-being, opting for Global Telehealth solutions is a real investment in the success of a health plan. They adapt quickly to ever-changing working environments like the present and help to optimise resources and strengthen the work/life balance. They are also an excellent means for attracting and retaining the best talent. Remember that our way of life is changing, as are our needs.

That is why it is more important than ever that organisations look at the full picture of health, which is much more than just physical or mental health care. It is about taking into account everything around us –for instance, our family and friends, work/life balance, financial health and access to care– as all these aspects are interconnected and affect how we feel.

Based on this vision, the potential Global Telehealth offers by assisting companies in looking after their employees’ Whole Health is great. Employees are actually becoming more aware of the importance of digitisation in the field of health and well-being, as shown in our study ‘Cigna 360 Well-being Survey’. So much so that three-quarters of Europeans (75%) say they prefer virtual consultations when they seek advice on general health-related issues.

So health technology has clearly become an excellent way to help improve employees’ quality of life. But what are all the benefits of Global Telehealth in the workplace? At Cigna we have five reasons why it is the future of health and well-being plans in the workplace:

  • It enables employees to play an active part in their own well-being. Providing employees with a tool they can use to actively manage their health helps them feel much more comfortable when it comes to checking medical processes and means they are more aware of their health status. It also gives them a greater role in adopting a healthy lifestyle. 
  • It plays a central role in health prevention. Because it facilitates their access to care at any time and in any place, it also plays a part in health prevention. It is important to remember that because smartphones have become more accessible, most of the population has access to these electronic devices, which have many uses in the field of health, and in particular prevention. For example, they can be used to record biometric data and share these data with health care professionals, as well as to help us change our habits through the guidance of online coaching programmes. 
  • It makes it easier to get a quick diagnosis. As this tool offers instant access to video consultations whenever necessary, it brings doctors and patients closer together. Global Telehealth services which are supported by applications like the Cigna Wellbeing App™ mean health care professionals can assess a patient’s health condition any time and anywhere, and provide quick medical advice. This is particularly important for anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, as it means abnormal patterns can be detected at an early stage, preventing emergency situations such as hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia. 
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits are the basis of a good quality of life. Global Telehealth solutions make promoting these habits easier, as many of them include coaching programmes which can be used to set healthy goals and offer specialised support to achieve them. It is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is the starting point for good work performance, and that companies are in a prime position to help their employees achieve their health goals. 
  • It improves team satisfaction. Offering employees and their families quick and easy access to consultations with health care professionals gives them peace of mind and reduces stress. And happy employees are more committed to their organisation, and will, as a result, be more productive. Opting for a Global Telehealth service may therefore be the key to driving a company towards success, particularly in the case of SMEs.

At Cigna, innovation is part of our DNA and we have chosen digital tools to improve our plan members’ access to a better Whole Health. In this respect, as a leading health services provider, we support people in the most important areas of their day-to-day lives and offer them a specific solution that is adapted to their particular needs. We also offer specific support to improve their quality of life, by providing global assistance and guaranteeing continual monitoring.

If you would like to find out all that Cigna can do to help you look after your team’s Whole Health with our different Global Telehealth solutions, access this link for more information.

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