Body & Mind European Report
August 2021   WHOLE HEALTH

Body & Mind European Report

2021 Cigna 360 Well-being Survey: On the road to recovery
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Women and pre-retirees are more vulnerable to the impacts of the pandemic, according to new research by Cigna Europe.

  • Although people are better at managing their diets and engaging in exercise than they were before the pandemic, significantly more men (64%) than women (56%) have been exercising on a regular basis.
  • The younger generation (18-24) in particular has embraced the time during the pandemic to take steps towards establishing whole health routines by eating a balanced diet (72%) and exercising on a regular basis (71%).
  • Among pre-retirees (50-64), 65% had experienced stress in the past week. At least half of those surveyed suffered from disturbed sleep as a result, highlighting the close relationship between a lack of sleep and mental health issues.

As well as offering the latest insight into the effects of the pandemic on body and mind among those living in Europe, the report includes well-being tips to help everyone beat insomnia, form healthy eating habits, and reduce stress levels.

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