Stress Care - See stress differently
September 2019   HEALTHCARE

Stress Care - See stress differently

At Cigna, our work is rooted in our mission to improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve.
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It is well known that chronic stress has a major impact on people’s ability to perform in their jobs and engage with society. According to the 2019 Cigna 360 Global Well-Being Survey, 84% of the world population suffers from stress.

Introducing a new way to visualize stress

We are addressing this challenge head on by visualizing the impact of stress on the body and mind for the first time, to encourage the world to take the issue more seriously and inspire people to take control.

Our ambition is to help people change their behaviour and to start their own ‘stress care’ to highlight that by taking care of stress they are potentially avoiding serious, chronic illness which can develop from un-managed, chronic stress.

We have collaborated with doctors, educators and engineers to create an innovative way for people to visualize the effects of stress on their body and mind. 

We can also help you to create a personal Stress Care PLAN to take control of your stress. 

P – Period of time to unwind

L – Location to de-stress

A – Activity to enjoy

N – Name of someone to talk to

Stress plan

To allow you to see your stress and create your own Stress Care PLAN, our doctors have devised a short test.

This test is based on an established industry standard: the Perceived Stress Scale.

Take our three-minute stress test now.

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