Simple Plans Adapted to Customers’ Needs

Simple Plans Adapted to Customers’ Needs

When buying a TV package, you can end up paying for hundreds of channels you don’t want to watch, just to get the five channels that you do want. Some people would say that buying health insurance is a similarly painful process.
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But it need not be. At Cigna we put the potential policy holder at the centre of our thinking, and provide an offering which doesn’t hold anyone to ransom. Perspective policy holders of a Cigna Global Health Options plan can curate an individual plan suited to their budget, and to their needs.

Our core policies represent three different levels of cover: silver, gold and platinum. The standard of care of these three core policies is extremely high but we know that for globally mobile individuals, additional levels of care can provide a greater peace of mind. So we offer various optional add-on services. One of which, for example, is International Evacuation. This package offers medical repatriation after a traumatic event or serious illness, as well as compassionate visits for parents, siblings, partners or children.

Whilst this policy may appeal to some, we know it won’t be sought by everyone so in making it separate to our core policies, no-one who deems it surplus to their needs, has to pay for it.

Other add-on services include International Vision & Dental Care, International Health & Well-being and International Outpatient Care.

Once a policy holder has confirmed what, if any, additional policies they want, they then decide how to pay. Our payment options, again, put you in control to set the right threshold for your budget and lifestyle.

You can either set up a ‘deductible’ structure with us which means you pay for the cost of some treatments up to a certain amount and we pay the rest – or you can set up a ‘cost share’ which is similar but means you pay a certain percentage towards the cost of some treatments – rather than a fixed sum as with the deductible – and we pay the rest. With any cost sharing we will always set an out-of-pocket maximum so you can rest assured that you will never need to pay anything more than this maximum figure.

These decisions form your premium, which you can pay monthly, quarterly or in annual instalments. And in line with our commitment to providing healthcare plans which suit globally mobile individuals, you can pay your premium in dollars, sterling or in euros.

Should you need any advice on which health insurance policy might be right for you, you can give our Sales team a call at any time 24 hours a day. Our multi-lingual experts can talk you through the different options, and we aim to answer your call within 20 seconds. So why wait any longer to discuss your Cigna Global Health Options plan?

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