Offering medical coverage to the workforce, the ideal tool for smes to attract and retain the best talent
December 2021   HEALTHCARE

Offering medical coverage to the workforce, the ideal tool for smes to attract and retain the best talent

One of the main demands made of employers by the workforce as regards well-being is for improved health coverage.
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In fact, 45% of employees in Europe say they would like their company to offer them health insurance, according to the ‘Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey’. In view of this information, it seems clear that providing medical coverage to your employees is a very important factor in making your SME an attractive place to work. Cigna, as an expert in health plans for small and medium-sized enterprises, explains why.

Feeling good to work better. This is one of the basic principles that more and more businesses keep in mind when it comes to taking care of their teams. People constitute a company’s most valuable asset, and taking care of their whole well-being must be at the centre of the organisation: it is no coincidence that there is a direct correlation between higher levels of well-being and improvements in terms of commitment, job satisfaction and productivity.

For this reason, as the working environment changes and personal well-being acquires a central role, offering employees healthcare-focused benefits is also becoming increasingly important, irrespective of the size of the organisation. The launch of such programmes has become a key factor in building a solid corporate culture, gaining a competitive edge, improving reputation and achieving high economic returns thanks to improved workforce productivity.

At Cigna, we have helped many SMEs to develop their own whole health and wellness plans, offering them solutions and services subject to the very highest quality parameters and tailor-made for their particular needs and budgets. Together, we can find the best way to further your team’s whole health: leave us your contact details on the form that you’ll find at this link and we’ll set to work to help you achieve success in your business.

But first, we want to make sure you understand why providing your employees with health insurance is the ideal tool for retaining talent and helping your SME achieve better business results without the need for major outlays or commitment of resources. What does it provide?

  • Medical services and free choice of specialists within reach of all. Having health insurance gives the workforce great benefits, such as being able to see a healthcare professional without long waiting lists, and having simple, easy, fast access to the very latest medical services and treatments. What’s more, with Cigna medical insurance, employees are free to choose their specialist. Also, if they prefer to go to their usual doctor and he or she is not in our network, they can do so with a reimbursement plan. All these advantages will boost the level of individual satisfaction and therefore improve the work climate and the atmosphere in the team.
  • First level attention for employees and their family members. By offering health and well-being plans that provide coverage for both employees and their nearest and dearest, you will be promoting the formation of sound living habits as regards preventive and pro-active attention to health. Facilitating easy, simple access to medical attention significantly boosts employees’ feeling of security and loyalty by demonstrating to them that the business supports them in a particularly sensitive aspect of their well-being. 
  • Digital tools for better whole health monitoring. Telemedicine has much to offer when it comes to taking care of whole health: it offers immediacy (since it allows access to medical care any time anywhere), makes access to non-urgent medical care more flexible and facilitates the process of obtaining a diagnosis. Therefore providing the workforce with medical insurance that includes a telemedicine solution represents a real investment in the success of a health plan: it is readily adapted to constantly changing labour contexts, allows resources to be optimised, consolidates the work/life balance and constitutes an excellent tool for attracting and retaining the best talent, thus promoting the team’s satisfaction. 
  • Improving the ability to respond to specific needs of the workforce. Bear in mind that the flexibility of a health insurance plan such as that of Cigna allows you to configure it in a personalised, made-to-measure way, depending on the needs of your SME. In this way it is possible to respond on an individualised basis to the health and well-being challenges of each business and each employee. Check out all the personalisation possibilities here!
  • Favouring work/life balance. This type of solution also offers medical attention services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including video consultations with medical specialists, prescriptions, and monitoring programme for chronic ailments, among many other resources. Thanks to all these innovative solutions employees can access quality healthcare at any time without leaving home, which helps workers organise their non-urgent medical appointments in the way most compatible with their work/life balance needs. Very considerable added value in the current situation, in which employees’ lives are increasingly exhausting and complex.

For all these reasons, a health insurance policy is a genuine investment in the company’s success and one of the benefits most valued by employees. Offering good medical coverage to both employees and their families is a key factor when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent, and has a positive influence on the brand image of any SME, since it allows it to differentiate itself from the competition and consolidate a business culture centred on people.

In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that contracting health insurance for your employees means committing to their well-being, offering them a safe and attractive place to work that allows them to develop both personally and professionally. This benefit makes employees feel valued, useful and cared for, which helps to create an emotional bond between workers and the company and to strengthen their motivation and commitment. In this way, turnover rates and the flight of talent are reduced.

Would you like to know more about how Cigna can help you? Contact us without delay using this link and ask us for information. We’ll call you to design the health insurance plan best suited to your needs, and together we’ll make sure your workforce continues to shine in the SME.


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