The Ultimate App for Your Body and Mind

The Ultimate App for Your Body and Mind

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Search for ‘health’ or ‘well-being’ on Google Play or the Apple Store and you will see there is no shortage of options. Today there is an app for pretty much everything, from managing your heartbeat to improving your memory. And that’s great, if you want to do those specific things. But well-being is hard to pin down to a single aspect of your life. Working out may do wonders for your physique, but it won’t improve your life much if your finances are a mess.

Similarly, improving your financial well-being may not matter much to you if you are missing your family or friends. Clearly, well-being is a multi-faceted thing. And so to help with it you need a multi-faceted app. The free Cigna Body&Mind app is uniquely designed to cover off all your key components of well-being, from your mental, physical and financial health through to your social and family life. It features:

  • A vast library of materials, such as videos, tutorials, podcasts, recipes and articles, to improve your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Challenges and competitions that will get you fired up about achieving your personal goals, along with reminders to help you stay on track.
  • Integration with wearables to log your daily activity, track your progress and measure performance against your objectives.

A wealth of great features

One of the coolest features of the app is Action Plans. These are designed to help you build positive lifestyle habits – from reducing stress, improving sleep or even developing better time management skills. They are designed to help you start-off with simple things and then work up to more challenging lifestyle shifts as you progress through the action plans.

Another neat feature is the ability to challenge your friends and family to lifestyle related challenges. You can join challenges each month and then check your progress against a leaderboard. Your challengers need to have the app themselves, of course. But once they’ve installed Cigna Body&Mind, it’s easy.

The app will also check to see if you have a Fitbit, Apple Watch or similar device that it can use to track your progress. Then, when you visit the Cigna Body&Mind app, it will use that data to suggest articles, tutorials and more to suit your personal goals profile.

Simple and free

Cigna Body&Mind even offers you personalized insights powered by the health trackers you’ve connected to the app. This can make it easier for you to incorporate healthier habits seamlessly into your day-to-day activity.

This ‘coach in your pocket’ is simple and entertaining to use but behind it lies a mass of science. Each element of the app is designed according to the latest healthcare research. Getting started is easy: when you install the app on your smartphone, you’ll need to give us your email address so we can send you an activation code. Then, once you’ve set up your username and password you can log in to Cigna Body&Mind each day, completely free of charge —you don’t even need to be a Cigna customer.

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