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Your Stress Care for the ‘New Normal’

Life has changed and so has stress. Get expert tools and resources to manage the world around you with Cigna.

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A woman sits on her couch as she writes in her notebook that sits in front of her laptop and a scattering of papers.

Office or Home… Where Will You End Up Working?

Whether you’re ready to return to the office or you’re loving work from home life, having expert advice and the right Stress Care tools makes dealing with transitioning work environments easier.

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A father takes a sip of coffee while seated at the table with his young son in his lap and his laptop open in front of him.

Coping with Stress Now Your Work-Life Balance Has Changed

What does “work-life balance” even mean these days? As the workday becomes more unpredictable and unrecognizable, it’s important to manage your stress with the right Stress Care tools.

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Father and Child Making a Healthy Meal

Cigna 2021 Body and Mind Report

The pandemic has sparked a once in a generation change in people’s attitudes to health and well-being, with many people seizing the opportunity to spend quality time with family, get fit and eat well. As we begin to create a ‘New Normal’ how can continue this trend and create a healthier future?

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Woman staying healthy by performing yoga outside

The Expat Guide to Staying Healthy While Living Overseas

During the pandemic many expats were separated from friends and colleagues – who are often their primary support network when living overseas. As we transition into the ‘New Normal’ rebuilding these support networks will be key to ensuring their future well-being.

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Woman working from home late at night

Cigna 2021 State of Work Report

Disruption and uncertainty have defined many people’s experience since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world moves towards a ‘New Normal’ many companies are implementing return-to-work strategies but it's clear that we cannot simply return to pre-pandemic working norms. This report examines the State of Work in 2021 and people’s aspirations for what work should look like in the future.

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