Your Stress Care for the ‘New Normal’

Life has changed and so has stress. Get expert tools and resources to manage the world around you with Cigna.

Is this actually normal? Cigna Stress Care can help

Life has changed and so have our causes of stress. Many parts of the world are opening up again but it’s not as it was. As we all begin to get to grips with this ‘New Normal’, we need to make sure we are managing our stress so that we can all protect our long-term health.

Check out Cigna’s range of Stress Care tools and expert advice can help you manage the stress of the ‘New Normal’ before it affects your long-term health.

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Coping with stress and your work-life balance

As the workday becomes more unpredictable and unrecognizable, it’s important to manage your stress with the right Stress Care tools.

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Surround yourself with the world’s leading stress management tools, insights, and advice curated by Cigna’s health professionals at our designated Stress Care Hub.

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Try the world’s first voice-activated stress tool

Reveal hidden stress in your voice in only 60 seconds with the innovative machine-learning tech of our new StressWaves Test.

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The expat guide to staying healthy while living overseas

During the pandemic many expats were separated from friends and colleagues – who are often their primary support network when living overseas. As we transition into the ‘New Normal’ rebuilding these support networks will be key to ensuring their future well-being.

Read the Guide [PDF]

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Discover resources to help you get a handle on the stress of the new normal.

Life has changed and so has stress. As we settle into the ‘New Normal’, it’s important to see that the new stress it’s causing isn’t normal. We can help you find the right tools to take control.

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