The 5% Pledge in conversation

Explore our latest videos to support mental health in the workplace

Learn how to create a supportive environment for your employees through these conversations on mental health from the 5% Pledge community.

The 5% Pledge in conversation

Listen to insightful conversation’s around the 5% pledge which will give you some tips and ideas on how you can help your employees.

Anna Williamson talks about prioritising your employees' mental health.

Mental health campaigner, Geoff McDonald shares the two most powerful ways to reduce stigma - training and storytelling.

Hidde de Vries points out that we spend more time with our managers than with our families - making initiatives like The 5% Pledge so important.

Geoff McDonald - We need to move away from doing wellbeing to people

Webinar on mental health in the workplace

Listen to our recent webinar with Anna Williamson and Geoff McDonald which focussed on mental health in the workplace.

They reminded us of the key attributes supportive leaders need in order to create and maintain a healthy environment for their employees and how the 5% Pledge can help.