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Cigna Global Private Health Insurance


Be sure that you have expatriate medical insurance in your new home country

For the health, safety and security of those living abroad

If you have the opportunity to live or work abroad, individual private medical insurance can offer the flexibility and security you need, for yourself and your family. 

Expatriate health insurance is meant for expatriates who are living and/or working abroad. It is designed to give you and your family access to healthcare, wherever you are in the world*. Unlike travel insurance, international medical insurance will usually allow you to choose where to have treatment

*please check with your health provider for coverage rules and eligibility


Protecting individuals and their families
Whether living in your local country or living abroad, medical issues are bound to arise no matter where you live and work.

Routine physicals or prescription refills may be necessary. Having coverage for immediate medical attention when someone gets sick or hurt is equally important.

There are many instances where immediate medical care may be necessary and having private medical insurance can provide peace of mind when the unexpected occurs. 


Global Health Benefits
Cigna is the partner you can trust to help meet the needs of expatriates and globally mobile individuals. As one of the leading global health insurance companies, Cigna can provide you the following benefits: 

  • Access to a wide network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • The flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit your needs.
  • A Customer Care Team that includes multilingual associates available 24/7 to help with everything from a medical emergency to verification of benefits.
  • The reassurance of our experience in delivering international healthcare.

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