What is your level of stress?

More than just a feeling, stress also triggers physical reactions which affect your body, your emotions and thinking.

Create your Stress Portrait

Also available in Spanish*

Create your personal Stress Portrait using your voice

It’s hard to process something invisible so we’ve worked with digital artist Sean Sullivan, to turn your responses into a Stress Portrait. Your unique portrait visualises how stress is affecting your body and mind and highlights symptoms you may be experiencing.

With 60 seconds of your voice, the clinical-grade AI technology underlying the test can listen for signs of stress in the pitch, tone, word choice and pauses in your speech. Visualize your mental health in just one minute. It's that easy!

Create your Stress Portrait

See your stress, take control.

It’s difficult to control what you can’t see.


Make stress visible with your voice

Find a quiet place

Allow mic access so we can deliver accurate Stress Profile

Please record and let the prompts guide your thoughts

Talk for 60 seconds about how you are feeling

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Your voice is about to give you an innovative look at your stress.

The StressWaves Test, powered by Ellipsis Health, delivers your stress reading in a stunning animation making the invisible, visible. Seeing what you’re up against makes it easier to confidently choose the right Cigna Stress Care tools and resources to keep your stress under control.

Once you’ve completed your StressWaves Test, you will receive your results by email. Alternatively, you can still see a visual representation of your stress by completing our stress questionnaire.

*StressWaves technology currently works with any level of English (even when spoken as a second language) or Spanish

Create your Stress Portrait

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Before we go ahead here are some things you should know.

You will not be asked for any information that will be able to identify you, and you should take care not to mention the names of people, companies, locations or events in the answers that you provide. Your voice recordings will not be retained once they have been used to produce your stress measurements.

Create your Stress Portrait
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