It's time to see stress differently

We tend to ignore what we can't see... But what if you knew how much stress is affecting you? We can tell you, and we can show you.

More than just a feeling, stress triggers physical reaction that affects your body, your emotions and your thinking. Cigna's stress care tools have been designed o help you manage anxiety and ensure your future well-being.

Build the resilence you need to manage stress

  • Talk to us. Our innovative voice technology evaluates your stress levels just by listening
  • In under 5 minutes, you’ll know your stress rating
  • We'll show how stress is impacting you by translating your response into a digital Stress Portrait
  • You can then manage your stress once you know how it's affecting you

  • It's hard to process something invisible so we've worked with digital artist, Sean Sullivan, to turn your responses into a Stress Portrait

  • Your portrait visualizes how stress is affecting your body and mind and highlights symptoms you may be experiencing

  • You can download, save and share your Stress Portrait

  • The next step is to manage your stress – now and for the long term using our PLAN

  • There are many ways to reduce stress and its impact

  • The key is to take action as soon as you can

  • We've partnered with medical professionals to formulate a personal Stress Care PLAN

  • PLAN* is a self-care tool you can tailor to your stress level and lifestyle (*Period of time, Location, Activity and Name)

Any answers you provide to the stress questions will be stred temporarily in an anonymized format. We will always treat your personal details with the utmost care and only use this for the purposes outlined. You can view out Privacy Data Notice here.