Using the voice to see workplace stress.

Talk to us. Our innovative voice technology can help to evaluate your employees stress levels just by listening.

The Cigna StressWaves Test

The World’s First Voice-Activated Stress Test: A User’s Guide

How does it all work? We’ve broken down the innovations that let our StressWaves Test hear stress through your voice.
A split screen of a person and their Cigna Stress Portrait.

Doing Our Bit to Help Reduce Stress in Society

With cutting-edge voice-analyzing technology and the latest in health science, we're giving you a quick and simple way to check in on stress.
A parent attempting to do yoga for stress relief as their two kids climb on their back.

How to Manage Your Stress with the Body&Mind App from Cigna

Set mindfulness goals, join fitness challenges, and track your progress all in one easy-to-use well-being app.

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