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Checking in on Leaders – Sumit Tandon

Information and stories about COVID-19 have been dominating the media and our social interactions over the past months. In this episode of Checking in on Leaders, Sumit Tandon, Regional HR Director of Boeing International tells us that this can be a source of stress and shares his advice on staying positive in the current situation. He also shares his thoughts on personal development as well as tips on improving productivity during this extraordinary time.

Checking in on Leaders – Mignon Buckingham

Technology has made it possible for many individuals to continue working smoothly from home during the pandemic. Nevertheless, some have found it difficult to separate their work and personal life and take control of their time. In the second episode of Checking in on Leaders, Mignon Buckingham, CEO of Airport Dimensions, Collinson Group shares some of the creative ways that she uses to make more personal time and space. She also talks about how she stays connected with family and friends virtually and the challenges she faces.

The Cigna Check-In: Checking in on Leaders

As COVID-19 continues to keep many of us “grounded” and physically apart, we are seeing changes in lifestyle that challenges us both personally and professionally. Join our conservation with business leaders about how they are managing these changes on a personal level while keeping up with their busy schedules and responsibilities. We kick off by checking in with Tony Jasper, Leader of Global Employer Services – Greater China at Deloitte, who shares his thoughts on staying connected with family overseas and coping with work stress in a time when travelling for holidays is no longer an option. #CignaCheckin #Wellbeing #Covid19 #MentalHealth #Resilience #SeeStressDifferently

The Cigna Check-In: How are we reworking the way we work?

73% of people are enjoying the new flexibility of working from home, while 49% are feeling stressed by the longer hours, according to recent findings from the ongoing Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study. The 'workday' has changed for all of us, but how can we help loved ones to find as they continue to evolve? In this episode of The Cigna Check-In, join Cigna Behavior Science National Medical Executive, Dr. Stuart Lustig, and Cigna HR Officer for International Markets, Michelle Leung, as they discuss the power of checking in on the stress of loved ones and navigating the changing landscape of how we approach work.

The Cigna Check-In: How to talk to loved ones about financial stress

Paul Lewis, from BBC Money Box, discusses the complexities of financial stress with Cigna Medical Director Dr. Peter Mills, in the latest episode of The Cigna Check-in. 56% of the world's population is stressed about their financial security, according to recent findings from the ongoing Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study. While it can be a sensitive topic, stress can manifest as anxiety and can develop into more serious health problems if left unchecked.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Stepping back from our 'always on' culture keeps stress in check

Is your team suffering from the stress of “always on” culture? According to recent findings from the ongoing Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study, working from home has 76% of people feeling they can never switch off from work even outside working hours. We sit down with Cigna Medical Doctor Ethan Lim and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Joyce Chao to dive deeper into the stress triggers, side effects, and resolutions to the stress of feeling overwhelmed in the workplace.

Help your loved ones handle stress. Cigna's experts show you how.

How can you help those around you manage their stress? It’s more important than ever to regularly have Stress Care check-ins with those around you. Dr. Inge, Cigna’s Associate Medical Doctor, and Dr. Mills, Cigna’s Medical Director, share tips and advice on how to have helpful stress care check-ins with loved ones and the wider community.

Identify loneliness while social distancing

Social distancing is important to keep you and everyone else safe from COVID-19. But it can be lonely. Dr. Douglas Nemecek, Chief Medical Officer for Cigna Behavioral Health, provides questions you can ask yourself to check in on your emotional health during these extraordinary times.

Questions from Cigna Doctors: Emotional Health in Children

Dr. Stuart Lustig, National Medical Executive for Cigna Behavioral Health, shares questions you can ask your children while practicing social distancing to check in on their emotional health.

Questions from Cigna Doctors: Emotional Check-in for Seniors

Dr. Stuart Lustig, National Medical Executive for Cigna Behavioral Health, shares questions you can ask the seniors in your life to check in on their emotional health during this time of social distancing.

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