Using the voice to see workplace stress.

Talk to us. Our innovative voice technology can help to evaluate your employees stress levels just by listening.

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Let your employees use their voice to see their stress. 

It’s time to see stress differently and help your employees to take control of their stress. 

Cigna’s latest innovation on stress sees the introduction of the Cigna StressWaves Test, a voice recognition technology, powered by Ellipsis, that delivers a stress reading in a stunning animation that uses colour and movement to visualise stress affecting the body and mind – making the invisible, visible.

Seeing what you or your employees are up against makes it easier to confidently choose the right Cigna Stress Care tools and resources to help keep your and your people stress at workplace under control.

How does the StressWaves Test work? 

Choose a topic from our provided list and start talking. Using machine-learning technology, the test listens to the pitch, tone, word choice, and pauses in your speech.

It then sifts these through an algorithm crafted with industry-leading health science, to give you or your employee a measured reading of current stress level presented in a unique visualisation. And it does it all in just 90 seconds.

Alternatively, you can still see a visual representation of your stress by completing our stress questionnaire

Try our Voice Tool

How to use the Cigna voice tool

Choose a topic

Press record and let the prompts guide your thoughts

Talk for 90 seconds about how you are feeling

Ready to talk to us?

Your voice is about to give you an innovative look at your stress.

Before we go any further, you need to provide your consent for your voice to be recorded by Ellipsis Health and the resulting voice data processed by them in the United States in order to generate your stress measure. By proceeding, you consent to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

You will not be asked for any information that will be able to identify you, and you should take care not to mention the names of people, companies, locations or events in the answers that you provide. Your voice recordings will not be retained once they have been used to produce your stress measurements.

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