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    1. International Schools

      International Schools Finder   In our mission to help you improve your health and ... expats in all the stages of their journey. Our INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS FINDER is one more resource we have developed to help ...

    2. 5 Top Tips for Moving Abroad with Children

      ... is different – make sure to find out about both local and international schools in your new location, and examine the benefits and disadvantages of ...

    3. Buying a home abroad

      ... back to the UK regularly, choosing to be relatively close to international transport can help your friends and family to make the decision ... to a shop, bars and restaurants? And how about doctors, schools, sports facilities and the like? What entertainment is there? ...

    4. TOP 10: Best countries for expat families

      ... capital city, is home to prestigious universities and art schools, in addition to several private international schools that provide accredited educational programs in English, ...

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