Health & Well-being Calendar 2022

Your Cigna Whole Health® calendar 2022

Every journey toward a healthier lifestyle starts with small changes. With your Cigna Whole Health calendar for 2022, we’ll help you get on the right path.

Sometimes a simple plan is all it takes

It’s never been more important for all of us to look after our physical and mental well-being. Our 2022 calendar is full of useful tips and ideas for you and your family on how to stay healthy, happy and resilient. Whether you want to build awareness or develop healthier habits, you can create your wellness calendar around whatever feels right for you.

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Essential topics to keep you motivated

For our 2022 calendar, we’ve taken a broader approach to health and well-being. From stress and fitness to musculoskeletal conditions – our range of essential topics can help you and your family get the most out of life. Our calendar also connects you to awareness days and months so you can easily track and support the health, social and cultural issues that matter most to you.

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Exercising for your environment

Exercise lowers our risk of developing many chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Research shows that getting active is also a great way to improve our mental well-being. Sounds like a win-win! You don’t have to play sport or go to a gym to give your physical activity a boost. Whether in a city park or rural nature, there are lots of ways to improve your fitness.
Get fitness ideas and discover an exercise that works for you
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Family – Childhood obesity

Promoting well-being from a young age helps lay the foundation for better health and development into adulthood. A lack of physical activity and certain behaviours – such as too much screen time, or even genetics – mean many parents are living with an overweight or obese child. With childhood obesity on the rise, we believe setting health goals should be rewarding for everyone.
Read our 3 ways to promote your child’s health and well-being
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Nutrition – Reading and understanding food labels

We all know food labels contain a lot of useful nutrition information. They allow us to compare different food products at a glance and keep track of how much fat, salt and sugar we consume. Knowing how to use nutrition labels helps us choose a more balanced diet – and make smarter food choices in a hurry. Good news: we’re here to save you time working out what they mean!
Become an expert at understanding nutrition labels in minutes
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Cancer screening (prostate, colon, breast and cervical)

There are conflicting messages about what increases our cancer risk and how to know we have it. Some of the most common signs of cancer can be easy to spot. But when changes happen inside the body, signs and symptoms can be difficult to see or understand. You don’t need to have symptoms for screening to reduce your risk. Screening can detect the early stages of cancer when treatment is more likely to be effective.

Find out about how screening could reduce the cancer risk for men or women.
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The science of good sleep

Studies have found that teenagers with electronic devices in their bedrooms reported consistently worse sleep. Not enough quality sleep can have an almost immediate effect. It makes it harder to think and easier to become irritated and stressed. But did you know that poor sleep increases the risk of more serious medical conditions? Getting to grips with sleep can help you make healthier choices for yourself and your family.
Help your children enjoy better sleep and improved health
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A healthy social circle

Our interactions with friends and family can play an essential role in supporting many different aspects of our health and wellness. But when we experience a lack of drive, negative self-worth or an ongoing sense of feeling low, it can be harder to manage healthy relationships or even engage in everyday social situations. This could be a sign of languishing – a term used to describe the absence of well-being somewhere around the midpoint of mental health.
What is languishing, and how can we conquer it?
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Maintaining work/life balance working from home and returning to the office

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Woman swimming

Musculoskeletal conditions and physical activity

Coming soon
Woman getting tested

Proteins and hyperglycemic diets - myth busting, intermittent fasting, and other fasts and fads

Coming soon
Woman in Autumn

Raised in a time of social media and smartphones: How it impacts personal interactions

Coming soon
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Chronic conditions: Living with a chronic illness and getting the support you need

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Hiking in the snow

Getting motivated and finding the best activity for your fitness level

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