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    Real life stories from expats who have delighted in sharing their personal experiences of moving and living abroad with us. When considering a move to a new country, there is nothing more useful than hearing genuine stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. In the Expat Resource Centre you can discover more hints and tips on how to manage a move abroad, how to cope with culture shock, and making the most of being an expat.

    Ken’s Expat Story

    Ken Weary and his family left the comforts of Washington in 2014 to experience life in Mexico and every country in Central America. Read about the adventures of this expat family as they go through a whole new way of living.

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    Mona's Expat Story

    Even in paradise life is a series of challenges. I wonder sometimes if out friends and family think it is just an endless string of sunny days, warm breezes and pina coladas by the pool....

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    Jay's Expat Story

    Just 3 months ago, we moved to CAnada, our new home. So here we are, from 45 degrees plus to minus 18 and snow! our last 3 months in Canada have been like 'living in Wonderland' ....

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