Why Does Employee Whole Health Makes Business Sense?
October 2021   WHOLE HEALTH

Why Does Employee Whole Health Makes Business Sense?

The concept of business sustainability has changed. In addition to social, economic and environmental criteria, looking after employees’ whole health and well-being has proven to be an absolutely vital factor for ensuring business continuity.
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But what are the reasons for this change? And more specifically, how can health foster business sustainability? Find the answers to these questions (and more) below.

When it comes to sustainability, some of the first things that most likely come to mind are whether the business is economically viable and its environmental strategy. And while these are valid points, now it is time to add another factor to the equation, which is employees’ health care and well-being. Why?

Quite simply because investing in employees’ health and well-being improves their level of satisfaction, because they can see how the company supports them in the different areas of their lives. And doing so strengthens the organisational culture. And if this variable increases, so will employees’ levels of commitment and motivation. So what is the result? Better performance, higher productivity, and, ultimately, a more competitive company, whatever its size.

This is the very reason why it is more necessary than ever to adopt a wider perspective of health, so that companies can respond effectively to the specific challenges that our employees face in all areas of their lives. If their well-being in each of these areas is not properly balanced, there is a danger that this has a domino effect, with a negative impact on their overall well-being and, by extension, that of the company.

Aware of this fact, we at Cigna have taken a step forward by developing Whole Health, a new global approach to the way we look after our customers and their families. Adopting this holistic perspective of health has enabled us to offer a wide range of tools, resources and services that cover all the pillars that influence people’s whole health. If you are interested in finding out more about this, we recommend visiting our Whole Health Hub. Here you can see at a glance all the solutions that Cigna can offer you and which contribute positively to the sustainability of your business. 

An example of this are Health and Well-being Assessments (HRA).  By taking an online questionnaire, employees can learn first-hand about their health and well-being. This information will help you to react in time and deal with any problem before it has a more serious impact on their day-to-day lives. Given that business sustainability is closely linked to productivity, cost savings and the reduction of absenteeism due to illness, having a tool like this would undoubtedly contribute to the success in terms of business sustainability.

But that’s not all. Another solution that has proven effective in this area is Cigna’s Global Telehealth Service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to this tool that considerably facilitates access to care, -which is one of the pillars of overall well-being- companies’ employees will feel safer and more satisfied, which will increase their motivation, commitment and productivity.

These solutions are just two examples of how employees’ health and well-being contribute significantly to business sustainability. People are organisations’ most important assets, which is why their viability depends largely on them.

And remember that we are currently experiencing an extraordinary historic event.  Although looking after employees’ health and well-being was already at the top of companies’ agendas, having to respond to the challenges posed by the pandemic has helped to redefine and reassess the importance of health care and well-being in the company.

It is, therefore, time to reinvent the concept of business sustainability. We should not be afraid to embrace change and reinvent our approach to health and well-being in the company. And with Cigna by your side, taking this step is easier than ever. We have the perfect solution for your business, whatever it is. Click on this link and make your commitment to the new business sustainability. Now is the time!

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