World Heart Day
September 2020   HEALTHCARE

World Heart Day

World Heart Day 2020 takes place on September 29.
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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death worldwide, taking nearly 18 million lives every year.

The main manifestations of CVDs are heart attacks and strokes, which can be a result of unhealthy lifestyle habits.1 Now the COVID-19 pandemic poses another serious risk for those suffering from CVD.2

Did you know?

  • CVDs are the leading cause of death worldwide2
  • 85% of CVD deaths are caused by heart attacks and strokes3
  • People with CVD are more likely to fall severely ill due to COVID-192
  • CVDs are preventable and their risk is significantly lowered by leading a healthy lifestyle3

People with existing health conditions, such as heart disease, are more susceptible to COVID-19. A trend emerged during the pandemic that caused concern. Patients who would seek routine care or access emergency services for their conditions under normal circumstances, avoided seeking care for fear of contracting the virus.4

The main way of taking care of our hearts and helping to prevent CVD is following a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet, no tobacco, and regular exercise.4 Making positive changes can motivate loved ones to make them as well. If you have a health condition, don’t be deterred from seeing your doctor by COVID-19. And don’t be afraid to call emergency services if you need them. Professionals are there to help you.

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