Expat Stories: Edith Between Countries

Expat Stories: Edith Between Countries

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Did you experience mixed feelings when you moved to a new country? You will probably relate to this story! In response to one of our previous competitions, Edith Lory shared with us how she felt moments before moving abroad for the third time.

We are delighted to share Edith’s submission, which truly expresses that emotional experience that many expats go through when they are about to embark on a new journey abroad.

"This will be the third time moving to a new country. The feelings I have before leaving are positive and negative. There’s the excitement of moving to a new place, discovering new things, meeting new people... basically, going on a new adventure. But you are leaving behind a place where you belong already, where people already love you, where everything is familiar. It's a big step, leaving that behind.

The first time is the hardest, but even the times after are still hard. People think you do it effortlessly, but they are wrong. For me, I do it because I want to – not because it's simple.

The preparation is quite hard, so much to think about! I actually spend so much time weighing options, instead of enjoying the time I have left! I am looking forward to leaving though, and starting this new adventure of mine.

The first day is always stressful and intense. Everything is heightened. People will want to give you tips and you will want to remember everything.

I like that feeling like you are living to the fullest. It's great and somehow addictive."

Edith Lory, Malaysia.

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